Does Humor Belong In Music?

January 15, 1985
57 min.

Video 22

July 1-5, 1985
Video 22
13 min.

Video 22

koolstrike (YouTube user)

Frank Zappa had short appearances on the "Video 22" TV show during the week of July 1—5, 1985.

In various fragments of the same interview FZ talks about Does Humor Belong In Music?, his next Synclavier album, Bruce Bickford animation, Baby Snakes, modern music videos, 200 Motels, payola in music videos, and his new products. They also aired clips from "Inca Roads" and "Stink-Foot" from The Dub Room Special!; and "Whipping Post" and "Be In My Video" from Does Humor Belong In Music?

An Interview With Frank Zappa, Baltimore, August 1985

August 1985
Baltimore, MD
26 min.

Baltimore 1985

A somewhat upset FZ talks about the history of radio in the USA, payola, the Watts riots from 1965, MGM, The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder, Freak Out! (1966), Tom Wilson, 200 Motels (1971), the First Amendment, producing The Factory, composing chamber music before playing guitar, showing his music to Massimo Freccia in Baltimore (1957), how each of his bands influences the material, music videos, the PMRC and censorship, how they will end up censoring inappropriate letters and numbers and changing the national bird from the eagle to the ostrich, the Senate hearings, and "The Chrome Plated Megaphone Of Destiny."

Lightnin' (quoted on Zappateers, May 20, 2010)

This is an interview conducted by a local Baltimore TV host. It was never aired and the footage was to be destroyed, because Frank would not sign any release papers for things talked about, some of which made the producers frightened. The raw footage was snuck out of the station and entrusted to me. I believe the time is right to unleash it.

Larry King Live

August 13, 1985
36 min.

Larry King interviews FZ on the PMRC issue. FZ talks about the old Mothers suing him, John Lennon, Beatles songs he likes.

Larry King Live

Music Box Special

August 20, 1985
46 min.

Interview and some rock videos.

From: Clarence

I think this refers to the MUSIC BOX special (british video channel, now defunct) aired from the EMI studios in the U.K. Most videos are unrelated to FZ (maybe theme related). Interview is very interesting, very european. FZ talks about classical music, nuclear war, how business will prevent wars (at least in his opinion), distribution deal with EMI, lawsuits against Warner and CBS, (supposedly) hatred in the rest of the world vs. non-hatred in the US (how about the blacks? 'You have to ask them').


Hollywood Close-Up

August 24, 1985
5 min.

Hosted by Cynthia Allison and Steve Edwards. Short report on the PMRC issue, with interviews to Susan Baker, Casey Kasem, Ronnie James Dio and FZ. Includes a short clip of "Whipping Post" from the Does Humor Belong In Music? video.

Hollywood Closeup

CBS News Nightwatch

August 26, 1985
33 min.

On the "Nightmatch" segment FZ and Kandy Stroud debate about Porn Rock, with an introductory report which includes comments by Smokey Robinson, and later an interview with Dr. Thomas Radecki ("Natl. Coalition on TV Violence"), psychiatrist.

Nightmatch, 1985

FZ with Peter Occhiogrosso, The Real Frank Zappa Book, 1989, p. 281

The first time I got involved with the PMRC issue was when I debated Kandy Stroud in Washington, D.C., on CBS Nightwatch in August 1985. It was supposed to be a one-hour taped debate in front of a live audience (which happened to include Stroud's young children, listening raptly as Mom recited the familiar litany of "oral sex at gunpoint," etc., etc.).

Secrets Of The U.M.R.K.

August 30, 1985

Secrets Of The U.M.R.K. The Brains

Appears in:

Vaultmeister (2010)

Alex Winter, "Civilization Phaze IV," Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, August 23, 2018

This little batch of clips is from August 30, 1985—Frank records and then builds a vocal sample patch on the Synclavier, employing some very cool stereo effects.

Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa? Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?

Alex Winter, "They Are What They Is," Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, March 21, 2019

Here's an unseen outtake from a bygone interview at FZ's house from August of '85, with a hilarious and typically insightful exploration of the lyrics to "Louie Louie."

UMRK, 1985



September 1985
3 min.


Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa, YouTube, April 2, 2016

Straight from the Vault, here's an EXCERPT of raw footage from a September 1985 KHJ-TV interview with Zappa in the control room / Zappa family home.

Take Two

September 6, 1985
11 min.

Take Two

FZ interviewed about the PMRC issue and the Senate hearings

CBS Evening News

September 12, 1985
4 min.

CBS Evening News

Javier Marcote, March 2, 2009

EVENING NEWS: Investigation into pornographic rock lyrics night and day
September 12, 1985

Charles Ulrich, January 25, 2012

Bob Simon presents clips from interviews with Susan Baker, Tipper Gore, and FZ.

This show is the source of the Susan Baker and Tipper Gore samples heard in Resolver+Brutality.

ABC News Nightline

September 13, 1985
20 min.

Hosted by Ted Koppel. FZ (from Los Angeles), Kandy Stroud (from Washington) and Donny Osmond (from Los Angeles) debate about Porn Rock, with an introductory report by Jeff Greenfield which includes various musical clips and taped declarations by Susan Baker ("Parents' Music Resource Ctr"), Nat Hentoff ("Journalist"), Jeff Ling ("Parents' Music Resource Ctr"), FZ and Donny Osmond.

Nightline Nightline

From: Jon Naurin

Ted Koppel leads a debate with FZ, Donny Osmond and Candy Stroud from the PMRC, on the subject of record labelling.

CBS Morning News

September 18, 1985
9 min.

FZ debates Sen. John Danforth on "Porn Rock" from Washington, D.C.

CBS Morning News

Senate Committee Hearings

September 19, 1985
Senate Commerce, Technology and Transportation Committee
33 min.

FZ's testimony with comments and questions by Sen. John Danforth (R-Missouri, Committee Chairman), Sen. J. James Exon (D-Nebraska), Sen. Albert Gore, Jr. (D-Tennessee), Sen. Slade Gorton (R-Washington), Sen. Ernest F. Hollings (D-South Carolina) and Sen. Paula Hawkins (R-Florida).

Audio appears on:
FZ with Peter Occhiogrosso, The Real Frank Zappa Book, 1989, p. 267

Finally on September 19, 1985, the Senate Commerce, Technology and Transportation Committee held a day of highly publicized hearings to discuss the PMRC's proposal.

From: Brian Lagerman

Hearings on rock lyrics. FZ appears for 33 min. There are 4 hours, 6 minutes of hearings available.

Senate Hearings Tipper Gore

ABC News

September 19, 1985
ABC News
2 min.

Report about the Senate hearings.

Informant: Javier Marcote

Capitol Journal with Hodding Carter

September 19, 1985
8 min.

From: Brian Lagerman

Frank, Tipper Gore and Susan Baker discuss censorship.


The Morning Show

September 26, 1985
14 min.

Hosted by Regis & Kathy Lee. FZ debates Rick Rizzi on rock lyrics controversy.

The Morning Show

Town Meeting

September 29, 1985
KOMO TV, Seattle, WA
51 min.

Brian Lagerman

Frank at KOMO studios, Susan Baker in Washington with live studio audience discussing record ratings

Charles Ulrich (September 8, 2011)

Actually, it was Sally Nevius. <http://www.zappateers.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=12723>

Perhaps they switched at the last minute, since FZ says in Thou Shalt Not Steal that he'll be debating Susan Baker in Seattle on the 29th.


Line Notes

c. October 1985
c. 8 min.

New Music Seminar

Clips from the New Music Seminar, New York, NY, c. September 26-29, 1985. FZ was one of the keynote speakers. Includes some excerpts from the 1985 Senate hearings.

Register To Vote

October 2, 1985
8 min.

Register To Vote Register To Vote

Twelve short clips asking young people to register to vote.

Additional informant (YouTube alert): Carlos Formby

Frank Zappa's "Porn Wars" on Night Flight

October 24, 1985
Night Flight
14 min.

Porn Wars on Night Flight Eat That Question

A special "Porn Wars" program on Night Flight hosted by FZ. He shows footage from the senate hearings and comments them, including some Synclavier music to acompany the images.

There are also some short snippets dated on October 24, 1985, which may or may not have been aired together with this special program available on the Night Flight channel on YouTube.

Appears in:

Additional informant (YouTube alert): Javier Marcote.

Radio 1990

October 28-November 1, 1985
5 episodes, from 7 to 13 min.

Frank co-hosts with Kathryn Kinley for the week, introduces videos (USA TV). Includes some clips from the PMRC hearings, "Register To Vote" PSAs, and footage from Does Humor Belong In Music?.

Radio 1990 Radio 1990

From Night-Flight:

Radio 1990 was a thirty-minute program during primetime that ran on weekdays on USA network. A lot of the things seen on Night Flight were also shown on Radio 1990 like music videos and musician interviews. The program ran somewhere in the 1982 to 1986 time frame and was hosted by Lisa Robinson and Kathryn Kinley. Apparently Lisa Robinson was the original host and then became an interviewer/reporter after Kathryn Kinley was brought in.

The show also had musical guests help host the show and in August of 1985, Paul Stanley of KISS fame, was a co-host for an entire week.

Additional Informant: Omair Eshkenazi (YouTube alert)

AM Philadelphia

October 31, 1985
17 min.

Interview with Frank Zappa & Kal Rudman (Music Forecaster) on the subject of censorship and the Senate hearings, with questions from the studio audience and some phone calls.

AM Philadelphia News

The Ten O'Clock News

October 31, 1985
WGBH, Boston
14 min.

Ten O'Clock News Ten O'Clock News

Boston TV News Digital Library (retrieved March 10, 2014)

Description: Kennedy School forum on rating lyrics. Woman speaks on a Senate hearing on the Parent Music Resource Center proposal, which says the record companies have a responsibility to identify recordings with explicit lyrics, and have the option to print the lyrics on the album covers. Frank Zappa speaks. He argues against the Senate hearing, especially advocating for the rights of those who wrote the lyrics. He quotes PMRC member, Tipper Gore. He recounts the Senate hearing. Throughout his comments, he pokes fun at those involved.

"The Ten O'Clock News (WGBH)," Wikipedia, February 12, 2014

The Ten O'Clock News was a weeknight local television news show, broadcast from 1976 to 1991 by WGBH, the Boston PBS affiliate. It replaced a pair of earlier news programs: The Reporters (1970-1973) and Evening Compass (1973-1974).

Informant: Javier Marcote

U 68

November 1985
WWHT Ch 68, Newark; WSNL TV Ch 67, Smithtown
26 min.

Bill Roller interviews FZ on rock 'n roll censorship. Introduction by Dr. Demento.


Comedy Tonight

December 4, 1985
7 min.

Comedy Tonight

Hosted by Bill Boggs. FZ talks about the PMRC hearings.

MTV Basement Tapes

December 8, 1985
20 min.

Basement Tapes Basement Tapes

bongolampo, YouTube, April 28, 2009

December 8, 1985
MTV Basement Tapes—In the Vault with Martha Quinn.

Brian Lagerman

Broadcast from Frank's basement. He introduces videos for a battle-of-the-bands type contest. Franks clips = 19 min., entire show = 63 min.

Additional informants: Javier Marcote, Charles Ulrich

FZ & Nicolas Slonimsky, c. 1985

c. 1985

Slonimsky & FZ

Nicolas Slonimsky & FZ improvising "Yes: Turn Left." It appears in A Touch Of Genius—The Life And Times Of Nicolas Slonimsky/The First 100 Years (1994).

FZ, interviewed by Don Menn & Matt Groening, "The Mother Of All Interviews, Act II," Zappa!, 1992, p. 48

Every once in a while they do a little Nicolas Slonimsky birthday celebration here in Los Angeles. Composers contribute little compositions as birthday gifts. I've done two of those. [...] We've had some little discussions about technique in music. I'm reasonably familiar with his books, and on one occasion, when he came over here, we videotaped him, and I asked him to explain the theory behind the chords in that book of scales that most people are familiar with.


School Beat

January 5, 1986
20 min.

FZ ("National Treasurer") discusses porn rock lyrics with Jim Hodson ("Prod./Host. Real Videos") and Norma Downs ("California State PTA Communications Comm."). Hosted by Roberta Weintraub.

School Beat

From: Dan Watkins

Frank debates with two women and a Christian rock DJ about the PMRC. Frank seems very pissed here, and one of the women seems to constantly give Frank an ugly look. Frank is censored out for discussing Prince wanting to sing a song about someone "jerking off" with a magazine.

From: anonymous

Frank's super reads "Frank Zappa—National Treasurer." He appears with a christian rock video producer and 2 concerned ladies. I have a vhs copy of this show taped when it aired.

The NewMusic

January 25, 1986
CITY-TV, Canada
16 min.


Daniel Richler interviews FZ and his children. FZ shows some of the items from his basement, including some stuff from the Thing-Fish Hustler photo session, and talks about the PMRC issue and the Senate hearings, the Palermo riot. Moon talks about her childhood drawings and Dweezil plays his green guitar.

Includes footage from:

Executive Producer: Moses Znaimer
Director Of Music Programming: John Martin
Producer: Daniel Richler

Charles Ulrich (January 22, 2009)

I guess it was broadcast on January 25, 1986 (the day before Super Bowl XX), as there is a reference to Bob Hope's salute to the Super-Bowl with Donna Mills and Diahann Carroll, which aired on that date.

Informants: Javier Marcote, Bill Lantz, Charles Ulrich

Playboy At Night

March 8, 1986
Playboy Channel TV
8 min.


Includes footage from:
From: Brian Lagerman

Playboy video magazine. Subject is censorship. 1987 re-broadcast.

Miami Vice

March 14, 1986
Episode #60048 "Payback" AKA: Episode #41 (Season 2, episode 19)
48 min.

FZ guests as "Mario Fuentes"

Miami Vice

FZ, interviewed by Alain Chauvat, Mother People #33, 1986

[Pierre Boulez] was just in Los Angeles doing a concert here [February 11, 1986] and I couldn't go to it because I took a job on a television show called Miami Vice.

It's a popular American television show and I played a villain on the show and I was in Miami at the time that he was here. So I heard that the concert was really great and I would like to get a chance to work with him again, especially in live situation.



Featured Music: Sly & Robbie- Bass and Trouble, INXS- Three Sisters, Chris Isaak- Dancin', X- Soul Kitchen.

Patrick Neve

Someone sets up Crockett while he and Tubbs work with a govt agent to set up a reclusive drug dealer played by FZ. Incorrect sources list the air date as March 13, 1985.

Brian Lagerman

Franks appearance = 5 minutes, entire show = 48 min.

Brian Zavitz

I remember seeing the last bit of this episode, I think it was the only one I ever did see. I was flipping channels and there was Frank, playing some drug lord-type. All I remember is that at the end, he was forced to jump from a boat into the water (they couldn't arrest him for some reason). I think he went in holding his nose. He didn't do that great a job of acting, but then, neither did Don Johnson.


I have a copy of it. Roberto Duran (the boxer) plays a guy that blows his head off in the first scene. Zappa talks about coke as "weasel dust" and jumps off a boat holding his nose. He looked great.

Stan Ivester

At a 1990 press conference in Prague, Frank said the producers of the show offered him the part but he initially turned them down (didn't say why). But then Dweezil, who was a big fan of the show at the time—it's OK, he was still pretty young—was really disappointed that Frank turned it down, so Frank called back and accepted the part.

Kristian Kier

Miami Vice was shown here in Germany on tv, too. Here all non-german films were aired with new german dialog, so everyone is able to understand the action. If the film is produced in stereo, and IIRC MV is stereo, then only the german language is listenable. Foreign films in mono are sometimes available with the original language, too. You can switch between the languages.

I found the german translation of "weasel dust" very funny, ("Wieselstaub") because I think this expression sounds very "Zappa" to me, and they made a word by word translation of this.

Fri 2/26/99 FX 2pm cst
Thu 3/22/01 TNN 6pm and 11pm cst, 7pm est
Thu 10/11/01 TNN 3:00pm est
Thu 10/11/01 TNNW 6:00pm est
Fri 10/12/01 TNN 2:00am est
Fri 10/12/01 TNNW 5:00am est
Mon 3/11/02 TNN 2:00AM

Additional informants: Robbert Heederik, mikedp, Furbelly, Xavier Onassis, jaco0g

Maryland State Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings

March 18, 1986
Maryland State Senate

Appears in:
Audio appears on:

Maryland 1987

FZ with Peter Occhiogrosso, The Real Frank Zappa Book, 1989, p. 283-284

On [March 18, 1986], the Maryland State Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on a bill proposed by delegate Judith Toth to modify the existing state pornography statute so as to include records, tapes and CDs. The bill had already been passed [on February 14, 1986,] by the Maryland House of Delegates, and a Senate vote in favor would have placed it into law in Maryland, creating a dangerous national precedent. [...] I was able to acquire video tape of the State Senate proceedings in 1987, just as I was editing together the first of the Honker Home Video projects. I decided to combine parts of my testimony with the actual statements made by Ms. Toth and Delegate Owens in a way that would dramatize the issue, and included this in a one-hour show called Video from Hell.


Maryland TV Interview

c. 1986
Unidentified Maryland TV

Appears in:

Maryland TV

FZ with Peter Occhiogrosso, The Real Frank Zappa Book, 1989, p. 287

The show [Video From Hell] ends with me talking over the credits, in an interview with a Maryland TV station, giving the final chapter to this silly story [the Maryland State Senate Hearings].


The Barbour Report

March 20, 1986
18 min.

The Barbour Report

FZ talks about the Senate hearings, how he started writing rock & roll songs, his diminishing career, Bob Dylan's visit to the studio, his future speech on religion, and his appearance in Miami Vice .

Informants: Javier Marcote, Charles Ulrich


March 28, 1986
21 min.

Hosts: Tom Braden & Robert Novak
Guests: John Lofton (Washington Post) & Frank Zappa (Musician)

Crossfire 1986

FZ with Peter Occhiogrosso, The Real Frank Zappa Book, 1989, p. 281

A CNN show called Crossfire covered the PMRC topic twice with me as a guest, the first time in 1985 (when I told that guy from The Washington Times to kiss my ass), and then again in 1987.

From: unknown

really amusing debate with John Lofton

From: daftbonk (October 28, 2004)

FZ's Crossfire appearance is tough to out-do. He provided a little more substance than [Jon] Stewart [on his October 15, 2004 appearance], and obviously his "kiss my ass" comment was beautiful. Anybody know if a video of this exists anywhere?

From: Charles Ulrich (May 13, 2005)

The video can be seen at <http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2658805>.


The Tonight Show

April 3, 1986
10 min.

FZ & Johnny Carson

From The Official Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson web site:

Original Airdate: 04-03-1986
Host: Johnny Carson
Announcer: Ed McMahon
Conductor: Doc Severinsen
Director: Bobby Quinn
Guests: Zappa, Frank; Davis, Dorothy

Frank Zappa—Censorship, wanting to be introduced as a national treasure, testifying on censorship committee trying to censor explicit lyrics on records, PMRC

From: Ralph Wayvone

If Gail wants to smoke the tapes, it's STILL her business, right or wrong.

From: It Never Entered My Mind

Unless someone passes a bill in congress, declaring Zappa's recordings a "national treasure" . . . and have them carried off to the Smithsonian.

From: Jon Naurin

FZ actually referred to himself as a national treasure once. It was on the Late Show with Johnny Carson, though, so he might have been kidding . . .

Additional informant: computeruser
Scan from Eric Peterson's ZIRP

Sex, Violence & Family Values

April 6, 1986
14 min.

From: Brian Lagerman

Frank and 3 others on a Q&A panel about censorship.


Hollywood's Missing Moments Interview

April 17, 1986
7 min.

Hollywood's Missing Moments Hollywood's Missing Moments

Directed by J. Forsher

Films 4 You, YouTube, February 6, 2022

The interview with Frank Zappa took place in 1985 and focused on discussing his career and his battle against rock and roll censorship. The interview was shot in his home music studio.

CBS Morning News

August 5, 1986
6 min.

CBS Morning News, 1986 CBS Morning News, 1986 CBS Morning News, 1986

FZ and Sheila Benson (Film Critic, LA Times) discuss Ronald Reagan's concerns about the use of drugs in the movies.

Mother's Day with Joan Lunden

August 14, 1986
Lifetime Television
18 min.

Hosted by Joan Lunden. FZ talks about his children's careers and names, and about the PMRC and record labeling issue.

Mother's Day with Joan Lunden

FZ, interviewed by Gerald Seligman, March 16, 1986

I came to New York to do a show for the Lifeline Cable Network called "Mother's Day," which is like a parent's show. They devoted quite a bit of the show to talking about this stuff, with a studio audience, and it turned out to be a good show. It's the kind of a thing where you go, 'Oh, my God, do I have to go and do a parent's show?' But it turned out really good, so maybe when the thing goes on the air some parents will see it and say, 'Well, at least he's not so nauseating as people would lead us to believe. And maybe we should listen to him for a minute.' Even if they don't agree right away, but you have to create a possibility that someone would listen to you first, and then let him think about what you're saying.


Unidentified live speech, c. 1986

c. 1986

ET 1993

Appears in ET obituary (December 6, 1993).

August 22, 1986, Interview

August 22, 1986

August 22, 1986

Appears in ET obituary (December 6, 1993). FZ talks about video fundamentalists.


August 1986
14 min.


FZ talks about Ronald Reagan's war on drugs.

Alex Winter, Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa, April 3, 2016

For today's EXCLUSIVE BACKER RELEASE, Joe Travers has given us about 15 minutes of pretty intense footage from August '86, in raw, unedited form, straight from the Vault.

In this interview, LA's KHJ-TV sat down with Frank in the UMRK to get his views on President Reagan's war on drugs . . . and while he's looking good in a tie, he is not mincing his words.



September 23, 1986
16 min.


David Brenner interviews FZ, Dweezil and Moon.

Informant: Javier Marcote (YouTube alert)

Rock 'N Roll Evening News

October 11, 1986
9 min.

Rock 'n Roll Evening News

Board discussion about radio music programming.

People Are Talking

October 31, 1986
4 min.

People Are Talking

FZ talks about the Devil.

Informant: Javier Marcote (YouTube alert)

Dweezil Zappa—"Let's Talk About It"

November 7, 1986
Music video
4 min.

"Let's Talk About It"

Music video for the song "Let's Talk About It," from Dweezil's album Havin' A Bad Day (August 1986), co-produced by FZ and Bob Stone. Featuring Moon Unit vocals and cameos by at least FZ, Don Johnson, Jane Fonda, Robert Wagner, Charlie Sexton and Daphne Zuniga.

Available at zappa.com

The Late Show

November 21, 1986
(also listed as November 26, 1986)
10 min.

Hosted by Joan Rivers

FZ talks about the names of his sons, AIDS and the PMRC hearings, with Chuck Norris and a disguised guy in attendance.

The Late Show

From: Kevbo (Fabulutz) (May 24, 2002)

Joan Rivers was guest hosting, and during her monologue she made some lame jokes about the names Dweezil and Moon Unit. When he finally came on, the first thing he did was chastise her for making fun of his children's names—basically that it's rude, and that she should consider their feelings. Don't remember much more than that. He did not perform.

From: Michael Gula

Do you at least remember Joan's response?

From: Kevbo (Fabulutz) (May 24, 2002)

She apologized! He put her on the spot and embarrassed her for using his kid's names as fodder for jokes. It was awkward and hilarious—especially if, like me, you don't much care for Joan Rivers.

FZ (BAM Magazine, January 16, 1987)

She just made some corny comment on the opening of the show. The audience didn't even laugh, it was really a dorky comment about Dweezil's name or something like that. Her writers should know better than that, because that was tried once before on Johnny Carson when some young brat pack actor—I can't remember who it was—went on there and started making fun of Dweezil's name and got a real negative reaction from the audience. Some people might think that that's really funny. But Dweezil ain't no joke, not his name or his person.

West Coast Story: Frontiers Of New Music

November 29, 1986
75 min.

Javier Marcote (January 26, 2009)

First of three programs

Documentary about the development of west coast music in the C20th.

Director: Michael MacIntyre
Executive producer: Dennis Marks

Cast: Alan Dykes, John Cage, Terry Riley, John Adams, Lou Harrison, Frank Zappa, Charles Amirkhanian, Robert Erickson, Paul Dresher, Daniel Lentz, Morton Subotnik.


Rock 'N Roll Evening News

November 29, 1986
8 min.

Rock 'n Roll Evening News

FZ talks about the year in music, PMRC, drugs, Bruce Springteen, Madonna, The Monkees and Run DMC.

Future Shock Week

December 7-11, 1986
The Movie Channel
8 min.

Future Shock Week

FZ introduces Brazil (Terry Gilliam, 1985), 2010 (Peter Hyams, 1984), 1984 (Michael Radford, 1984), The Omega Man (Boris Sagal, 1971) and Enemy Mine (Wolfgang Petersen, 1985).

Sigma TV Interview

December 19, 1986
Sigma TV

Appears in:

Sigma TV

"G-Spot Tornado"

c. January 1987
3 min.

Appears in:
Includes footage from FZ's 8mm home movies from c. 1959-1963.
FZ, interviewed by David Brenner, Nightlife, March 5, 1987

The stuff of the twirling carnival amusement, that was shot 8mm in 1961, I shot that. In fact, I shot most of the stuff that is in there. And it's 8mm that's been transferred to video.

And the way it was done, it was in a layer where we took the carnival footage and just figured a setting point for the beginning of the music and started it off. And there was enough of it that it would run all the way through the piece. And then the other material was on a second machine and I flash-cut it, and then that was like one pass through to get—'cause you hit the buttons on the rhythm and you can make it go in there. And everything that didn't work, we went back and tweezed and replaced all those shots. And the whole video could have been completed in about three hours, if it weren't for the fact that the guy in the machine room wasn't watching the chroma on the vector scope [...]

All you gotta do is get an 8mm camera and go to the LA County Fair. [...]

That was also from— That was shot around 1959, it's Captain Beefheart and his family. [...] The stomach, that is Terry Wimberly, he used to play piano in this band that I had in high school. And the girl with the kleenex under her nose was Beefheart's girlfriend at that time, that was Laurie.

So really it's just a bunch of home movies that were all cut together.


Video From Hell

January 15, 1987
Honker Home Video/MPI #MP 4001
62 min.

Bunny, Bunny, Bunny

Bunny Bunny Bunny

David Allen

Details from: http://catalog.loc.gov/

Type of Material: Moving Image or Slide/Transparency
Brief Description: Bunny, bunny, bunny / director, Frank Zappa. 1987. 1 videocassette of 1 (VHS) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in. viewing copy.

US Copyright Office

Author on © Application: director: Frank Zappa; spoken text, performance: Frank Zappa, employer for hire of Lala Sloatman, Kyle Richards & Moon Zappa.


I think it's a play performed by Moon and some friends.

Marc Ziegenhagen

A friend of mine told me today, when I asked him about this, that it is mentioned on the liner notes of "Video From Hell" as an upcoming release, and is something that Moon shot.

Gary Titone

From my memory this is a Video title that was to be released on Honker Home Video. Buny Buny Buny was not the only title to never be released. Of the top of my head there was another release with Al malkin and American Disadent rings a bell. I'd have to go back and look at my HHV releases. Something is written on one of the boxes but from my memory BBB was a project that Moon was involved in. I never heard of anyone actually having it.

Society Pages (USA) #3, p. 5

Another video project is 'Bunny, Bunny, Bunny', which is loosely described as a punk version of the absurdist style of theater developed by dramatist and playwright Eugene [Ionesco], and is supposedly based around a conversation between three Valley girls. Although this project has been completed, we understand that for some mysterious reason, it will probably not be released to the public.

Andrew Greenaway, "Zappa At The Roundhouse," The Idiot Bastard, November 2010

The surprise was Bunny Bunny Bunny, the failed pilot for a post-punk sitcom Frank made of Moon, cousin Lala and their friend Kyle in the dangerous kitchen in the mid-80s. [...] GZ thinks it has merit as something the man himself completed, and plans to release it.

Theydon Bois Reviews Zappa At The Roundhouse, Kill Ugly Radio, 2010

Titled "Bunny Bunny Bunny", this was a primitive one-camera video depicting a teenage Moon and two of her teenage friends mostly shrieking at each other, often all at the same time (leading to minimal intelligibility for large chunks of it). The "story", in as much as there could be said to be one, involved "Felicity" (Moon) being required to carry out chores for an offstage lady, the manufacture of some sort of potion recipe, and the playing of an inexplicable game (the loser's forfeit being to eat a lychee). While this was not totally devoid of amusement (Frank's first interjection, as director, feeding a line to Moon ["She drains my positives" or something] got a good reaction, as did an unexpected cutaway to a shot of a cat), its interminable length and relentless noisiness soon tried the patience of even the most devoted fans in the audience. Current theories include the suggestion that this screening was meant as a test to see just how much self-indulgence the hardcore fanbase can withstand. (Yeah, I stayed to the end. Many didn't.)

"'Bunny Bunny Bunny' / 'Cheepnis' / UNCLE MEAT," American Cinematheque, c. July 27, 2014

Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028
Sun, Aug 17, 2014 7:30pm


World Premiere!
"Bunny Bunny Bunny" (ca. 1987, 20 min.) Directed and produced by Frank Zappa, this one-camera shoot stars daughter Moon Zappa (a couple of years after their radio hit "Valley Girl") in improvised dialogue with her best friend Kyle Richards and her cousin Lala Sloatman.

Scott Bernstein, "World Premiere Of Frank Zappa Short Film On Sunday," JamBase, August 13, 2014

The 20-minute Bunny Bunny Bunny (ca. 1987)—directed and produced by Frank Zappa—will kick off the event. The one-camera shoot stars daughter Moon Zappa (a couple of years after the radio hit "Valley Girl") in improvised dialog with her best friend Kyle Richards and her cousin Lala Sloatman.

Additional informants: Charles Ulrich, bigtyke66


March 5, 1987
Fox TV
16 min.


Includes "G-Spot Tornado" (1987)

Javier Marcote (March 28, 2009)

Nightlife with David Brenner.
Fox TV
March 5, 1987

D.Brenner interviews FZ about synclavier. Different worlds to work for: a
machine & musicians ( like a summer camp & being a psicologist).

G. Spot Tornado video is seen on screen & FZ describes the pictorical
material was:

The "carnival" images were shot on 8mm camera in 1961.

The home movies ( flashes of people) was Captain Beefheart & his family shot
around 1959.

The stomach footage belongs to Terry Wimberly ( see Blackouts) & the girl
with the kleenex under her nose was Laurie, Captain Beefheart's girlfriend.


MTV's Closet Classics

March 8, 1987
39 min.

Closet Classics

Dweezil as VJ with FZ as guest.

The Night School TV Show Project


FZ, interviewed by Bill Forman, BAM Magazine, January 16, 1987

What's this I hear about you vying for a talk show on the Fox network?

Well, I've been working toward getting a television show for the last six months, talking with a lot of different people. And I got a call about three weeks ago from Stuart Cornfeld, who was the guy who produced The Fly. And he works over at Fox, and somebody there had spoken to him to see whether or not I was interested in doing a show to come on after Joan. And basically, they wanted me to co-host it with Howard Stern—he's the controversial East Coast radio talk show guy that offends people all over the place. And I told them that I wasn't interested in co-hosting it.

But if it was your own show . . .

If it was my own show, sure. I also had an offer from Showtime to do a once a week show, 11 to midnight on Fridays. But the amount of money that they were offering was insufficient to do what I had in mind, so we made a counterproposal to them and I'm still waiting to hear what's gonna happen with that.

What would you like to do if you had one?

I want to be able to do live music that sounds good, which is always hard on television, and to do talk and commentary that's . . . direct.

FZ with Peter Occhiogrosso, The Real Frank Zappa Book, 1989, p. 340-343

Another miserable flop was a concept for a late-night TV show. In 1987, assisted by Danny Schrier, an aggressive young agent at ICM, I embarked on a depressing journey into the air-conditiones wilderness of TV-Land, pitching ideas to groups of individuals worthy of further anthropological study. It all began with a meeting in the ABC network office, on or about March 13, 1987 . . .


A late-night adult program, sixty minutes, five nights per week. [...] NIGHT SCHOOL will have a 'permanent faculty' and a pool of 'visiting professors.' Frank Zappa will host the show. Daniel Schorr has expressed interes in the position of 'PROFESSOR OF RECENT HISTORY.'

[...] The live band will consist of ten musicians and three singers. [...] The members of the band will double as 'actors' in a purposely cheesey sitcom segment called "THE FUTURE FAMILY."

Tom Brown, quoted by Drew51, Zappateers, December 20, 2010

Frank continued his conversation with Arthur [Barrow] about his recent offer to take over the Joan Rivers Show slot on FOX. He was going to call it Night School. Arthur had told me about this earlier that week, and that Frank planned to have a band on the show and wanted Arthur to be the clonemeister and musical director of sorts, as well as field questions from the audience. He had been asked to brush up on current events in preparation to take on the added responsibility. Frank knew exactly what he wanted to do . . . he wanted to have guests as dissimilar to one another as possible, and from all sides of the political spectrum as possible (shades of Bill Maher seven years before "Politically Incorrect"), interspersed with music from the band, and mentioned that he wanted to show the contemporary side of the naked female breast in an idea he had about comparing them with those of the tribal women one sees in National Geographic, and on PBS. Thus pointing out the ridiculousness that it was okay to show the American people one set of mammalian protuberances and not another. It was all explained in the usual FZ droll delivery, and it was impossible not to laugh.

Arthur Barrow, Of Course I Said Yes!, 2016, p. 165

On February 5th, 1987, I went up to Frank's house for the first time in a while. I am not positive, but I'm pretty sure this was the time I brought my old friend Tom Brown with me, providing the hard-core Zappa fan with a dream come true experience. [...] Frank had invited me up to the house to talk about hiring me for an exciting new project he was working on. He was on the verge of getting his own late night TV show, which he wanted to call Nite School. [...] Frank wanted to have a house band, and wanted me to be the band leader and musical director. [...] But like so many of Frank's great ideas, this one never came to be. My guess is that the TV execs got cold feet.

Deborah Caulfield, "Frank Zappa Zapped By Late Show," Los Angeles Times, June 12, 1987

Move over Joan Rivers, you've got company.

Fox Broadcasting has booted Frank Zappa from his scheduled stint as tonight's guest host on The Late Show—and replaced him with a re-run. (Exactly which non-Rivers re-run hadn't been decided by press time, a Fox spokeswoman said.)

"'Every cell in my body is telling me not to do this show,'" producer John Scura said, according to Zappa.

Ironically, it wasn't that the iconoclastic musician wanted to do something controversial or offbeat—Fox went along with those ideas. But when Zappa ultimately wanted National Public Radio commentator Daniel Schorr and Gerard Thomas Straub—fired as producer of Pat Robertson's The 700 Club and author of Salvation For Sale—Fox balked.

In an interview Thursday, Zappa said Scura told him, "'People want laughs; they'll be nodding out.'"

Scura declined to be interviewed and a Fox spokeswoman said that a press release issued by the fledgling network would be its only comment. Said the release: "We hope to reschedule him at a future date."

"I'd say the chances of that are very remote—and that's being kind," said a bemused Zappa.

Zappa's recounting of his experience with Fox provided a rare look behind the scenes at Fox and its troubled Late Show.

Since Rivers' departure last month, the show has featured a series of guest hosts. In the past two weeks, the roster has included Lucie Arnaz, Suzanne Somers, Tom Snyder and comedian Paul Rodriguez. Wednesday, guest host Martin Sheen interviewed former President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn, George C. Scott and Kris Kristofferson.

When Zappa was approached to do the show, he said, it was "based on the concept that they would have the guests that I wanted. Originally I suggested Prince, Wynton Marsalis and the group Cameo."

Fox seemed pleased with the suggestions, but none was available, Zappa said, "so I suggested my machine—the computer I make my music on—as a guest." Fox approved that idea, but wanted to know what to do visually while the machine performed.

Zappa suggested the Pilobolus modern dance troupe, which featured "contortionism, acrobatics and just plain weirdness," but the group was out of the country. "So I said, 'Then let's go to a vaudeville agency and get jugglers or a dog show or maybe just get people out of the audience and let them dance around,'" he recalled.

Fox "thought that was kind of cheesy and 'Gong Show-ish,' Zappa said. When Fox nixed his idea to use hand-held cameras with sharp focus, wide-angle lenses (usually used in film) to give the show a different look, Zappa said he smelled trouble.

"They seemed to have this deep-seated belief that the show was really correct," he said. "They seemed to think, 'This is what the public wants; it's just an accident the ratings are in the toilet.'"

Ultimately, Zappa invited Schorr (a former CBS newsman), with Fox's lukewarm approval: "Fox wasn't thrilled with that idea; they didn't even want to pay for his ticket. They wanted me to interview basketball and football players. But I don't know anything about sports!"

Things went from bad to worse when Zappa met Salvation For Sale author Gerard Thomas Straub and proposed him as a guest. Straub, a CBS producer turned born-again-Christian, was fired from his job producing The 700 Club and had written a book about his experience.

"It's not an indictment of Robertson," Zappa explained, "but it deals bluntly with some of the aspects of CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network)."

Zappa felt that Straub and Schorr would be lively guests.

But Scura and other Fox officials apparently did not, according to Zappa: "They absolutely panicked when I brought up Straub. They said 'Another book guy? No way! The viewers will be nodding out.'"

Zappa disagreed, "What I would have brought on was not going to be 'educational'; I perceived it as good entertainment. But they seem to think that anybody who watches late-night television has a brain the size of a microbe."

Even though Zappa agreed to not use Straub on the show, he was notified Wednesday that a re-run had been scheduled in place of his show.

Finally Zappa was told, "'We pass on you,'" he recalled.

"I'm not angry, I understand what's happening over there," the musician said. "We had a difference in philosophy. I thought it could have been fun, but it was something that wasn't meant to be."

Zappa chuckled. "It's par for the course. After all, this is Hollywood.

"And that's television."

FZ, interviewed by Arsenio Hall, The Arsenio Hall Show, FOX TV, February 1, 1989

What happened was FOX wanted me to replace Joan Rivers on a Friday night. And they had been planning the show for about three weeks, and I had chosen all my own guests, and I had this strange little program set up. And, on the Wednesday before the Friday, when they were supposed to do the show, they panicked. [...]

I was gonna have Daniel Schorr. This show was going to go in the air right after the Iran-Contra hearings had been finished, and Daniel Schorr had been covering the Contra hearings for National Public Radio, so he really knew what was going on there, and I wanted to get somebody on the air who could tell the real deal. Then I had a guy who was the producer of Pat Robertson's 700 Club, who was going to tell some of the secret inside poop about what Pat Robertson was really into.

And, I was gonna bring the Synclavier on the show and do some of that kind of music. And I, you know, it was a well rounded, different, sort of a show, but they panicked over, and they were gonna do a re-run. And then, somebody said, "Let's get Arsenio Hall."

"The Late Show (Fox TV series)," Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia, October 11, 2017

The behind-the-scenes relations between [Joan] Rivers and network executives quickly eroded, and Rivers was eventually fired in May 1987. [...] Soon afterward the program was renamed The Late Show and featured rotating guest hosts including Suzanne Somers, Richard Belzer, and Robert Townsend. After firing prospective guest host Frank Zappa, producer John Scura replaced him with Arsenio Hall, who made his debut as a talk show host. Eventually, Hall was named the permanent replacement host in mid-1987.


ABC World News Tonight

April 8, 1987 (aired April 11, 1987)
14 min.

ABC World News Tonight, 1987

Sir Mix-A-Lot Rare Music, YouTube, February 7, 2021

Interview with Frank Zappa about Larry Flynt that was used for a piece that aired during ABC World News Tonight on 4/11/87.

Also at the end some talk about the PTL/Jim Bakker & Tammy Bakker ousting.


Informant: Javier Marcote

Howard Stern Show (Pilot)

May 30, 1987
9 min.

Howard Stern and Robin Quivers talk with FZ (on a monitor) about Geraldo Riviera, Pat Robertson & Jimmy Swaggart, FZ's proposed TV show, his book, AIDS, etc.

Howard Stern Show Howard Stern Show


June 13, 1987
22 min.

Hosts: Peter Gemma & Michael Kinsley
Guests: Jeff Ling (PMRC) & Frank Zappa (Rock Musician)

Crossfire 1987

FZ with Peter Occhiogrosso, The Real Frank Zappa Book, 1989, p. 281

A CNN show called Crossfire covered the PMRC topic twice with me as a guest, the first time in 1985 (when I told that guy from The Washington Times to kiss my ass), and then again in 1987, when George Michael's sex song was 'controversial.' Believe it or not, ladies and gentlemen, the premise of that second debate on Crossfire was (don't laugh) "Does Rock Music Cause AIDS?", with an opening bumper that included clips from Mr. Michael's video.

From: Charles Ulrich (May 13, 2005)

FZ debates record labeling with Jeff Ling of the PMRC. The video can be seen at <http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2664570>.

Also: Crossfire, June 13, 1987—Part 1 (10:00 min.) · Part 2 (10:06 min.)

The Robertson Report

June 21, 1987

Vault Clip, The Robertson Report Vault Clip, The Robertson Report

Alex Winter, Update #59, Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, May 9, 2017

I'm so happy to share this amazing piece of archival we found in the vault. It's from a panel show FZ made, that never aired, called "The Robertson Report". It was a sort of rebuke to Pat Robertson, shot in the Zappa house on June 21st of 1987.

Guests are (seated, Left to Right):


The Cutting Edge

June 28, 1987
4 min.

FZ talks about the difference between the old and the new executives from the record industry, a camp to control children behavior called Back In Control and the new PMRC strategy promoting safe sex.

The Cutting Edge


July 16, 1987
ABC News
13 min.

Nightline Nightline

FZ debates Tipper Gore and film critic Gene Siskel about violence and sex in movies.

YouTube: Frank Zappa Debates Tipper Gore, Summer 1987 (13:26 min.)

John Barbour's Live Friday Night Talk Show

August 7, 1987
43 min.

John Barbour's Live Friday Night Talk Show John Barbour's Live Friday Night Talk Show

John Barbour discusses with FZ ("Musician, Bon Vivant"), Paul Krassner ("Satirist, 'The Realist'"), William L. Moore ("Publisher, UFO Researcher") and Wendell Faile ("Attorney Contest Winner") about the Joan Rivers Show, Russian humour, the Iran-Contra hearings, TV evangelists, Communism, TV shows cancelations, and UFOs. Then they answer questions from the audience above those questions and also record warning labels.

FZ on UFOs

John Barbour: Frank, do you believe in UFOs?

FZ: Yeah.

JB: You do, really?

FZ: Mm-mmh.

JB: Why?

FZ: I think that, uh . . . they're real!

JB: Why?

FZ: If you had to choose between "They're not real!" and "They're real," what do you got in the middle? "Maybe"? I think they're real!

Brian Lagerman

Frank and four others discuss numerous topics.. 1st gen.


"Peaches En Regalia"

c. 1987
3 min.

Version 1 includes footage from:

(*) not on version 2

Version 2 also includes footage from:
Version 1 appears in:
Version 2 appears in:


For Members Only

c. September 1987
KSCI-TV, Channel 18, Long Beach, CA
9 min.

For Members Only TV For Members Only TV

Tom Reed interviews FZ. Part 1. FZ talks about The Soul Giants, The Mothers Of Invention name, Lenny Bruce, and the distribution of Barking Pumpkin Records.

Informant: Marco Ricci.

For Members Only

c. September 1987
KSCI-TV, Channel 18, Long Beach, CA

Tom Reed interviews FZ. Part 2.


Uncle Meat

September 15, 1987
100 min.

Danish TV

September 22, 1987?
Danish TV
2 min.

Danish TV

alrunen, YouTube, July 17, 2013

Frank Zappa interview, Danish television 22-sept-1987 "Inventing Modern America" on rock'n'roll, hippies and yuppies.

the show was a mix of different people talking about this period in the US, footage of the Ohio shooting, etc.

Sorry—this was all broadcast.

Showbiz Today

c. October 28, 1987
2 min.

Showbiz Today, 1987

enzothebaker, Zappateers, October 7, 2022

CNN "Showbiz Today" segment regarding Al & Tipper Gore's meeting with representatives from the "music & television industries", hosted by MCA in their Los Angeles headquarters "last week" on October 28, 1987. Al Gore was campaigning for the 1988 US presidency and was attempting to do damage control from his and Tipper's high-profile participation in the PMRC debacle two years earlier. Both Gores speak and come off as unsurprisingly disingenuous and politically motivated.

FZ is vaguely referred to in the intro [0:32], appears for a moment at the 1985 PMRC Senate hearings [0:36] and responds from the UMRK [1:31].


We Are What We Watch

November 18, 1987
Night Flight
25 min.

We Are What We Watch

Produced & Directed by Frank Zappa

Features mostly material from Video From Hell, including:

And but also:

FZ intro:

Okay, I am now in the video business. I started a home video label called Honker Home Video and we're going to release four objects this year.

Behind The Stage Door—The Groupie Story

Unknown date (1988?)
5 min.

Interviews with FZ, Pamela Des Barres, Cynthia Plaster Caster and some other people talking about groupies.

FZ talks about groupies

"Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk" rehearsal

c. early 1988

orontea, Zappateers, October 15, 2014

I read somewhere (or seen?) that there is a video of the development of "jesus think you're a jerk" during rehearsals.

pbuzby, Zappateers, October 15, 2014

FZ mentioned it during the 1989 Society Pages interview.

Mike Keneally, "All About Mike!," keneally.com, c. 1998

Somewhere in the basement is many hours of video footage of this [rehearsing] process, like almost an entire eight-hour rehearsal devoted to conjuring up "Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk".


Palace Theater, Albany, NY

February 2, 1988
Palace Theater, Albany, NY


FZ—lead guitar, vocals
Ike Willis—guitar, vocals
Scott Thunes—bass
Ed Mann—percussion
Chad Wackerman—drums
Mike Keneally—guitar, keyboards, vocals
Bobby Martin—keyboards, vocals
Bruce Fowler—trombone
Walt Fowler—trumpet
Albert Wing—sax
Paul Carman—sax
Kurt McGettrick—sax, clarinet

Appears in:

FZ Is everybody ready? 1988 Rehearsal

Beacon Theatre, NYC

February 4, 1988
Beacon Theatre, NYC, NY
130 min., audience recording

Beacon Theatre, NYC Beacon Theatre, NYC


Marc DeCarlo Photos

There's also a 49 min. video made up by Marc DeCarlo with pictures and slides from two of the Beacon shows, February 4 & 5, with audience recordings as background sound.

Beacon Theatre Beacon Theatre

Setlist informant: Chris Rigas
Informant: Javier Marcote

Beacon Theatre, NYC

February 5, 1988
Beacon Theatre, NYC, NY
12 min., audience recording

Beacon Theatre, NYC


Dickie's Such An Asshole, When The Lie's So Big, Planet Of The Baritone Women, Any Kind Of Pain

Informant: Javier Marcote

Beacon Theatre, NYC

February 6, 1988
Beacon Theatre, NYC, NY
72 min., audience recording

Beacon Theatre, NYC


Stinkfoot, I Ain't Got No Heart, Love Of My Life, Bamboozled By Love, Peaches En Regalia, Heavy Duty Judy, We're Turning Again, Packard Goose Medley, When The Lie's So Big, Planet Of The Baritone Women, Any Kind Of Pain, Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk, Sofa, Who Needs The Peace Corps?, The Torture Never Stops Medley, King Kong, Stairway To Heaven

Informant: Javier Marcote

Warner Theatre, Washington, DC

February 8, 1988
Warner Theatre, Washington, DC

Mike Keneally, 1988 Was A Million Years Ago (February 13, 1988)

On February 8, the first night of the Washington run, there was a news crew that had come to interview Frank. It was a live feed, direct from the theatre to television viewers citywide. As a backdrop to the interview the band stood on stage rocking and rolling relentlessly, but without actually producing any sound. The whole band was clumped up at the front of the stage rocking out, without actually doing anything. And of course Frank told me to get on my knees in front and do my rock star stuff. That would be something to get a tape of.


MTV Europe Interview

February 9, 1988
120 min.

MTV Europe

YouTube user reldditmot (July 4, 2009)

MTV Interview with FZ and Steve Blame, 2.9.88

Informant: Omair Eshkenazi

CBS News Nightwatch

February 10, 1988
15 min.

Includes footage from Video From Hell. FZ talks about video fundamentalists, Pat Robertson, Iran-Contra, Oliver North, censorship & labeling, the Republican Party, fascist theocracy, Pat Robertson again, and Mario Cuomo as a good candidate.

CBS News Nightwatch

Informant: Javier Marcote (YouTube alert)

Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA

February 12, 1988
Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA
30 min.

From: Brian Lagerman

Soundcheck and rehearsal, includes about 30 minute soundboard feed. From a 1st generation dub made before the masters were given to FZ.

From: Jon Naurin

FZ solo incl Watermelon In Easter Hay, FZ tries out tonight's loops, Sleep Dirt, Sofa, Girl From Ipanema, Zoot Allures

Tower Theater

Action News

February 12, 1988
WPVI TV, Philadelphia
1 min.

Glenn Leonard (October 15, 2011)

action news from feb 1988 is definitely feb 12, 1988. i saw the video crew recording during his solo in "penguin" and a reporter doing a bit with the show in the background (also penguin). it was broadcast that night on the 11pm news in philly.


Talking With Frank Zappa . . . Some More

February 14, 1988
Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA
Colonial Instructional Television, PA
26 min.

FZ interviewed by Chuck Ash, from the Pennsylvania State Police, on stage at the Tower Theater. FZ talks about the 1988 tour, the 1988 band, the auditions, music radio, drugs, how he started his vote registration campaign in 1971, mail order, his next releases, and the plot for his movie project about Mummers. Includes some scenes from the Tower Theater soundcheck (including "Zoot Allures" and "Sofa") and Baby Snakes. See also Talking With Frank Zappa (1981).

Talking With Frank Zappa FZ

Everyone That Is Except Frank Zappa!

February 19, 1988
Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA
24 min.

Boston, February 19, 1988 Boston, February 19, 1988

Noah McKelvie, February 2008

[It] shows a little footage (at the beginning and ending of the clip) of the band performing "The Black Page" at the February 19, 1988 Orpheum Theatre concert. It also shows an interview with Frank Zappa backstage after (or before?) the concert.

[...] At the beginning [...] the Freak Out song "You're Probably Wondeirng Why I'm Here" is set to people walking into the Orpheum Theatre. [...] In addition to Frank Zappa's backstage interview and "The Black Page" excerpt the clip also shows an interviewer asking random people if they thought a lot of people registered to vote during the concert that wouldn't register at city hall.

Here's what Frank said over the vamp of "The Black Page" at the beginning of the clip:

"We have a project to get people to register to vote and so we have provided for your convenience some tables in the lobby where you can register easily and comfortably here at the concert. The first part of the show is about an hour and then we take a half an hour intermission and you can go back out there in the lobby and if you didn't register on the way in you can do it."

Mark A. Notola, "Frank Zappa Remembered," alt.fan.frank-zappa, December 8, 1993

I got a chance to meet Frank three times during the 1988 tour. My mother was involved with the League of Woman Voters at the time, and we were introduced to him along with a bunch of people after his first show in Boston. The next night, my mother and I interviewed him for a public access TV show (sorta Wayne's World) she was involved in. After the interview, some girl handed him an apple pie, and we were just about to dig into it, when his road manager came to get him to start the show. It was fun watching all of the preshow preparation. Frank had an espresso maker at his side the whole time. We sat around and talked about all kinds of stuff after the interview. Ed Meese was his target for the night. Someone had hung a sign the night before that read, "Who is Ed Meese?" My mother asked him if he saw the sign, and he said "Yes, but that sign should have read, Who the Fuck is Ed Meese." I brought a copy of the 1968 LIFE magazine "The New Rock", which had an article written by FZ, for him to sign. He started thumbing throught the book, and got to the picture of the Mothers sitting around with all of the kids on their laps, and he started telling us about how that photo session came about. After the show, we met again in his dressing room, to discuss his upcoming projects. He mentioned the photo session that was in LIFE magazine later that year, with him dressed as Uncle Sam. He told us that he was VERY serious about running for office. He said something to the effect of "Wait until the [politicians] see some of the people that show up with me". Shortly after this, Frank's manager whisked him away. As I wondered out the doorway, I saw the song list (in Frank's handwriting) for that night sitting on the floor, so, wanting to be sure the room was as clean as we found it, I felt that I should pick it up and take care of it. It is now one of my prized posessions!

Additional informant: Charles Ulrich.

Royal Oak Music Theatre, Detroit, MI

February 26, 1988
Royal Oak Music Theatre, Detroit, MI

Appears in:

Royal Oak, 1988

Mike Keneally (1988 Was A Million Years Ago)

Frank specifically put "When The Lie's So Big" and "Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk" at the beginning of the set because ABC News was taping the beginning of the show and he wanted to get that stuff in.


The 30th Annual Grammy Awards

March 2, 1988
Radio City Music Hall, NYC, NY


Javier Marcote (September 26, 2010)

30 Grammy Awards ( CBS tv)
March 2, 1988
Radio City Music Hall, NY, NY.

Winner award for the Best Rock Instrumental Performance: FZ for Jazz From Hell ( Nov. 1986)


ABC News—World News Saturday

March 5, 1988
3 min.

Hosted by Barry Serafin



Music Hall, Cleveland

March 5, 1988
Music Hall, Cleveland, OH
120 min. (Poor first 20min, frequent obstructions)


Black Page No.2, Dickie's Such An Asshole, When The Lie's So Big, Planet Of The Baritone Women, Any Kind Of Pain, Texas Motel (Norwegian Jim, Lousiana Hooker w/ Herpes, Strawberry Fields), Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk, Sofa, Let's Move To Cleveland, Packard Goose, King Kong (synclavier variations), I Am The Walrus, Andy, Inca Roads, Peaches En Regalia, Stairway To Heaven, Sharleena, Let's Make The Water Turn Black


Chris Rigas

One of the slightly better (but only slightly) audience recordings from the 88 tour.

Alex Winter, "Update 69 Dudes!," Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?, March 31, 2018

For those who don't immediately know, this is the guitar solo from "Any Kind of Pain", recorded by fan Chris Boulet and the very same as appears on the "Broadway the Hard Way" album, but we're not sure if it's from Cleveland on March 5th or Columbus on March 6th. According to notes on the tape, it's 3/6, but according to Globalia.net, it's 3/5.

Any Kind Of Pain

[...] And so you know, that clip is 100% of the footage we have from this show!

Primary informant: Chris Rigas

Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, OH

March 6, 1988
Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, OH

Mike Keneally Audio Diaries (March 8, 1988) talking about the Columbus, OH, March 6, 1988 gig:

It finally dawned on Frank after it got to be about 5:30 or so that there was no [name deleted]. That was upsetting to Frank because this was the night that the "60 Minutes" crew was supposed to come around. [...]

On to the show . . . it started out with some local luminary, while we were vamping "Black Page", giving Frank some kind of plexiglass-looking award thing, and dubbing him the honorary Secretary of State of Ohio, and the audience went entirely nuts. The "60 Minutes" guys were roaming the stage; they were also taping the rehearsal, so that stuff about [name deleted] not showing up might end up on CBS. But the cameramen were roaming the stage and it seemed like they just couldn't get enough of me, every time I turned around they had their cameras trained on me. I don't know what that was about.

The Columbus Dispatch (March 7, 1988)

To top it off, CBS' 60 Minutes had a camera crew recording the night for a future broadcast.


Buffalo After Midnight

March 9, 1988
Buffalo, NY
8 min.

Buffalo After Midnight Buffalo After Midnight

Backstage interviews at Shea's Theater, Buffalo, NY. FZ talks about his band, vote registration, etc. Scott Thunes talks about the audience, the repertoire, etc.

War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, NY

March 11, 1988
War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, NY
11 min.

FZ Rochester, NY

Backstage interview at the War Memorial Auditorium. FZ talks about war, the Libertarian party, Mario Cuomo as candidate and the registration to vote campaign. Includes the first piece from the Rochester concert, "Chunga's Revenge."


March 16, 1988
Channel 10, Providence, RI
3 min.


Patrice Wood interviews FZ about vote registering and censorship.

WBNG Interview

March 17, 1988
WBNG, Channel 12, Binghamton, NY

DLHotch (Zappateers, June 12, 2009)

FZ was interviewed by the local CBS-TV station (WBNG, channel 12) in Binghamton, New York on March 17, 1988, prior to his performance that night. I remember him talking about how for previous tours he had tried to keep his message somewhat subtle but for the 1988 tour they were utilizing the baseball bat approach to get the message across.


Hackensack, NJ

March 20, 1988
Rothman Center, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hackensack, NJ

Week In Rock 1988

Footage from the concert appears in Week In Rock (MTV, 1988). More pictures from the show at Syntheory.com.

Informant: Javier Marcote

Week In Rock

March 26, 1988
2 min.

Week In Rock 1988

FZ talks about censorship. Includes footage from Hackensack, NJ, March 20, 1988.

Informants: Javier Marcote, Thomas Engelmann

CBS This Morning

March 28, 1988
6 min.

Interview by Harry Smith


Music heard (from the rehearsal and the concert):
Patrick Buzby (January 21, 2007):

I see [the This Morning live footage was] labelled in the Videography as being from 3/6/88 Columbus.

However, I think it is actually from the first show of the tour, 2/2/88 Albany. Two reasons: FZ is heard commenting "Did you miss me?" at the start of his remarks during the Black Page vamp, which I believe only happened at the Albany show. Also, all songs shown in the clip were performed at Albany, but two ("Dickie's" and "Packard Goose") were not in the Columbus show.

Additional informat: Brian Lagerman

MTV Register To Vote

c. April 1988
1 min.

Register to vote PSA.

MTV Register To Vote

Appears in:

Today Show

April 1, 1988
5 min.

Today Show

Maria Shriver interviews FZ (from Burbank) and Lee Masters (Executive VP, MTV) about the MTV Register To Vote campaign.


April 11, 1988
SFB1, Germany
2 min.

From: Clarence

I believe this to be the footage which was aired by a local german tv station (SFB1 in Berlin, evening news 'Abendschau', running time: 2:10) on 04-11-88 when FZ arrived at Tegel airport prior to his concert (04-12-88, Deutschlandhalle). Some footage from 1968 is included plus other concert clips.

Screenshots from Clarence:


Rock T.L.

April 12, 1988
RTLPlus, Germany
17 min.

Interview with FZ (dubbed in German). Includes footage from The Pier, NYC, 1984 ("Be In My Video") and a Berlin press conference.


The Oprah Winfrey Show

April 15, 1988
34 min.

The Oprah Winfrey Show

Oprah interviews Jackie Collins, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of Kiss, and Pamela Des Barres about groupies. FZ's appearance (18 secs. at the end of Part 1) is taken from The Groupie Story.

"Kiss Lead Singer Paul Stanley On Groupies: 'It's Kind Of Like Being At A Buffet'," Oprah.com, retr. May 21, 2022

Aired on 04/15/1988 | CC tv-pg

[...] In the above video, Paul and Gene explain why they believe sex with groupies is more honest than traditional dating.

Original airdate: April 15, 1988

Informant: Álvaro Gallegos

Wembley Arena, London, UK

April 19, 1988
8 min.

BBC interview in the Wembley dressing room.


Appears in:



April 26, 1988
SVT, Sweden
3 min.

Matts Johanson interviews FZ about politics right before the concert at the Olympen, in Lund. Includes live footage of "Chunga's Revenge," probably from Drammen, Norway, September 13, 1984.

Sydnytt (SVT, 1988) Musikbyrån

Appears in:

Informant: Javier Marcote

SVT Play: Frank Zappa på Olympen i Lund (02:26 min.)

Olympen, Lund, Sweden

April 26, 1988
Olympen, Lund, Sweden
110 min., audience recording

Sweden TV recording appears in:



Black Page, Dickie's Such an Asshole, Stick Together, My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama, Willie the Pimp, Montana, City of Tiny Lites, Pound for a Brown on the Bus, The Dangerous Kitchen, What's New in Baltimore, Outside Now, Eat that Question, Black Napkins, Disco Boy, Teenage Wind, Bamboozled by Love, Cruising for Burgers, Bolero, I am the Walrus, Illinois Enema Bandit, Stairway to Heaven

Setlist informant: Chris Rigas


c. April 27, 1988
Swedish TV (TV3)
4 min.

Nattpatrullen Nattpatrullen

Interview with FZ with Swedish subtitles before the Oslo, Norway, April 27, 1988 concert. He talks about touring again, the PMRC and audience participation. Includes parts of "Stink-Foot" and "Make A Sex Noise" from the Oslo concert.

Additional informant (YouTube alert): Javier Marcote

Norway Press Conference & Interview

April 28, 1988
Hotel Sheraton, Sandvika, Norway
43 min. & 10 min.

Norway 1988 Norway 1988

Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden

May 1, 1988
Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden
100 min.

Stockholm '88


May 2, 1988
Dutch TV
23 min.


Interview with FZ talking about music, touring, politics, etc. The interview took place the day after the Stockholm, May 1, 1988, concert when Morgan Ågren and Mats Öberg sat in with FZ's band.

Includes footage from:
CaptainJos (YouTube, June 23, 2010)

Dutch interview with Frank Zappa, at the time of the Broadway The Hard Way tour, on the VARA TV Show Kippevel. Interviewer: Jan Douwe Kroeske. May 2 1988. With Dutch subtitles.

Nightflight Scandinavia

May 7, 1988
14 min.


Johanneshovs Isstadion FZ

FZ talks about the repertoire of the tour, the new LSO album, the remixes for CD release of the old albums, the PMRC and Dweezil's career.

(Note: also appears as "April 7, 1988" which is impossible, unless that date refers to another NightFlight Scandinavia show.)

Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria

May 8, 1988
Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria

Audience recording:

75 minutes, aud. rec.
Half the show only.

Songs: Black Page, Eat That Question, Black Napkins, Trouble Every Day, Penguin in Bondage, Hot Plate Heaven, Peaches en Regalia, Stairway to Heaven, Sharleena, Montana, City of Tiny Lites, Whipping Post

From: "G.D. Pratt"

There are also audience vidos of various 1988 gigs such as Vienna, and a few German shows. Quality varies, but Vienna is OK.

From: Kristian Kier

5-8 Vienna, Austria. Single shot audience. And sometimes the roof of the hall . . . and the colour goes "Now you see it—now you don't".

From : Javier (Al Fresco)

I have reviewed the list songs from the Stadthalle, Vienna, May 8, 1988 -
private video recording.

After "Black Page" the next theme is "Eat that Question" & not " Big Swifty" which did not appear in this recording.The rest of the list songs are right.

But above all this private video attracked my attention when "Stairway to Heaven" is playing & Ike Willis singing. Close to him on stage we can see a bearded-man with a cap & on his knees with a film camera. It seems to be he's charging a film reel or something & afterwards looks like he's testing the shooting & other guy comes to ask him something.

When "Montana" sounds we can see a glimpse of this cameraman who now is standing up, shooting the show.

As far as I know FZ confirmed himself that the show in Madrid (May 14, 1988) was shot as well. So that, now I think FZ had a crew member who shot some of the shows of 1988 tour & hope someday will be released officially those unknown concerts.

Informants: Chris Rigas, Jon Naurin

DoRo recording:

Soundcheck & concert.

Appears in:

Soundcheck Vienna, 1988 P.I.T.

German Interview 1988

c. April-May 1988

Essener Songtage

Appears in:

FZ talks about his first German concert in Essen and his 1968 concept of revolution.


FZ: Well, the thing about Essen is the last book that I read all the way through was a book called The Arms Of Krupp by William Manchester, and here in this book, which is this thick, I read all about Essen, you know, and here we are, my first German performance in Essen. So I had spent the night before walking around to look at it. So it was kind of strange to start our experience in Germany off in this kind of an environment.

FZ: Well, the term "revolution" as used in these interviews here certainly does not apply to anything connected with the communist revolution. The revolution that I am speaking of is the act of change—changing from one set of behaviors to another set of behaviors. And I would like to clear up any misconception that may have ever existed in the minds of people in this country about connecting me with the word "revolution" in terms of a red revolution—I am a devote capitalist and I always have been, and I've been delighted to talk about it anytime somebody asked me, and if there's one thing that could be seen in terms of that other form of revolution—and it's specially true today—even the communists realize that Communism doesn't work. It doesn't work. So that's an interesting aspect of revolutionary development since 1968.

Interviewer: Your proposal was in 1968 infiltration, to infiltrate society where your parents have failed. You think the youth from then has reached something with that strategy?

FZ: I think that they have infiltrated, unfortunately, the people themselves who did the infiltrating once they got in there they decided to go for profit instead of for change. I think that Wall Street is a good example of infiltration of young people, but the people who got in there didn't go into Wall Street to change it, they run in there, you know, to make more money than their parents did. And the same thing is true in the entertainment industry like in television and in movies, there are a lot of young people working in those fields but they're not making things that are better.

Interviewer: What did you think about the music you played? The musicians . . .

FZ: Well, it's not much fun to listen to anymore. I would say that the level of musicianship throughout rock 'n' roll has come up in the last twenty three years, and, uh—one of problems that I had with the band is I can't hire a musician unless he's available, you know. At that time musicians who had conservatory skills like reading music and playing hard passages, they weren't working in the field of rock 'n' roll. Today there are people who have been trained in conservatories that are playing rock 'n' roll bands, so I think it's better all around for all groups.

Review—Zappa On Zappa

May 13, 1988
8 min.

Includes footage from:

Late Night Line-Up FZ


May 13, 1988
Pabellón de los Deportes de La Casilla, Bilbao, Spain
2 min.

FZ en Bilbao, 1988 FZ

Appears in Informe Semanal (TVE, May 14, 1988)

Al Fresco (Javier) (August 1, 2007)

Surprisingly I have verified with TVE in Bilbao (Spanish public TV) they filmed to Frank Zappa in that date & have an archive of 15'29'' which includes an interview to FZ performed by Juancho Vidal, the rehearsal with his musicians & images of the live concert filmed. Some of this footage was broadcast in a local tv program about that time.

There's also a short 2 min. clip from ETB (Basque TV) with FZ arriving at the airport and getting into a car.

Additional informant: Al Fresco (Javier)

Informe Semanal

May 14, 1988
TVE, Spain
2 min.

From a news clip on Spanish TV the other day. Music heard: "Black Page #2." Includes some comments on FZ's fight against censorship, a short interview on that subject, and a short clip from the Bilbao concert the day before.

Informant: Javier Al Fresco


May 14, 1988
Auditorio de la Casa de Campo ("Rockódromo"), Madrid, Spain

Mike Keneally, "Really, Keneally?,"keneally.com

A much better show [than the Barcelona one], which was also filmed professionally, was in Madrid. All the tapes from all the camera angles are in the vault, but there are technical problems which, so far, have rendered it impossible to sync the film to tape. That may get fixed in the future, and I hope it does, because it really is a much better show and no one has seen it yet.

Pat Buzby

The Barcelona video is in wide circulation. A show three nights earlier in Madrid was also taped (I believe only as a single-camera job) but is not in circulation.

ANDROPS (Andrés Gota)

The concert of Madrid (05-14-88) took place in the Auditorio de la Casa de Campo.

FZ, interviewed on Society Pages, April 1990

DS: I hear also that there was one made in Madrid. Is that right?

FZ: Yeah.

DS: Did you access tapes of that, and will we see any of that show?

FZ: [...] The thing from Madrid was just a three-quarter [inch tape].

Gail Zappa, zappa.com, December 2, 2010

Q: Can we get a complete video from either of the Barcelona or Madrid concerts from 1988?

A: The word "complete" is generally a troublesome one.  But we are considering possibilities.

[...] Off the top of my head it was done by the broadcaster. And it is in the Vault. And it is a subject for discussion between myself and Joe from time to time. And the rights rest with us.

Additional informant: Al Fresco (Javier)


May 17, 1988
Palacio de los Deportes, Barcelona, Spain
120 min.

Rosengarten/Mozartsaal, Mannheim, Germany

May 25, 1988
Rosengarten/Mozartsaal, Mannheim, Germany
148 min.


The Black Page, We're Turning Again, Alien Orifice, When The Lie's So Big, Planet Of The Baritone Women, Any Kind Of Pain, Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk, Dupree's Paradise, Easy Meat, Sinister Footwear, City Of Tiny Lights, A Pound For A Brown, Outside Now, The Orange County Lumber Truck Medley, Bamboozled By Love, Ring Of Fire, Peaches En Regalia, Stairway To Heaven (incl. The Untouchables), I Am The Walrus, The Illinois Enema Bandit

Bains de minuit

May 27, 1988
5, France
8 min.

Interview by Thierry Ardisson, dubbed in French. Includes footage from Uncle Meat.

French Interview

Italy (prob. Milan), 1988

c. June 2, 1988
Milan (probably)
3 min.

FZ Black Page

Includes a short interview about trading between East & West and an excerpt from a "Black Page" rehearsal. Part of a show called "Grey Hair Rock 'n' Roll" produced by VIDEOMUSIC in 1990.

Stezzi63 (YouTube user)

I think that this footage is probably taken from the Milan show (June 2 1988).
The night before I was in Padua to see his concert and there were no cameras.
He went to other cities but I don't think that it may exist official tv recordings of those shows.

The Tonight Show

June 29, 1988
9 min. (Interview)

Hosted by Jay Leno

FZ talks about how he was asked to play in the Soviet Union, and how he tried to convince the guy who called him to tear down the Berlin Wall. Also appearing: Charles Fleischer and Sydney Walsh.

The Tonight Show

The Official Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson web site:

Original Airdate: 06-29-1988

FRANK ZAPPA—was asked to perform at the Summit in the Soviet Union but unfortunately was given late notice & was unable to attend; conversation he had with the gentleman that gave him the offer; why he thinks it might be a good idea to tear down the Berlin Wall.

Additional informant: computeruser

P.I.T. (Peter Illmanns Treff)

July 2, 1988
ZDF/3 Sat
10 min.

Hosted by Peter Illmann. Report on Montreux, includes an interview with FZ and live footage from "Sharleena," from Vienna, May 8, 1988. Also includes an interview with Dweezil and the video of his version of "My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama."

P.I.T. Another interview

Parts of the interview also appear on:


Good Morning Australia

August 31, 1988
Network Ten, Australia
7 min.

FZ interviewed by Mike Gibson, in Hollywood, on registration to vote and his book.

Good Morning Australia

Unidentified Interview, October 1988

October 1988

TV5 1993

Appears in Channel 5 Eyewitness News obituary, December 6, 1993. FZ talks about rock and politics.

Zappa & Kuryokhin

c. October 1988

Sergey Kuryokhin & FZ

br1tag (Zappateers.com, December 7, 2011)

at 6:35 there is a photo : ZAPPA with KURYOKHIN:

Andrew Jones, Plunderphonics, 'Pataphysics & Pop Mechanics, 1995, p. 84-85

[Sergey Kuryokhin] landed in Tucson, Arizona on October 8, 1988, setting foot in America for the first time [...]. On his visit to America, [...] he even spent a week in LA meeting with counterculture überlord Frank Zappa. "Everybody keeps asking me about my meeting with Frank Zappa," he grumbles, "but Zappa just called me up and I went to his studio and we just talked and played music. It was fun, it wasn't work."


Satellite Of Love

November 11, 1988
Kanal-1, Swedish TV
59 min.

Musikbyrån Musikbyrån

Directed by Måns Hergren

Appears in:
Bengt Jonsson (Zappa Interviews)

A documentary in Swedish Television from 1988. The documentary was made by Måns Herngren. The subject was about the development of the satellite channels and television. Frank Zappa had a big part of the programe and he comments certain things about television in the US. The interview with Zappa was made at his home in Los Angeles.

Informant: Javier Marcote

Unidentified Interview, c. 1988

c. 1988

TV2 1993

Appears briefly on TV2 obituary (Sweden, December 6, 1993).

Cover Story

December 10, 1988
USA Network
23 min.

Profile on FZ

Includes footage from:

Cover Story

Showbiz Today

December 19, 1988
3 min.

CNN 1993 Interview 2

The interview also appears in CNN Showbiz obituary (December 6, 1993) and 2 obituary (December 1993). FZ talks about air molecules, love songs, the PMRC and old albums. Includes footage from Video From Hell (1985).

Rudi Dolezal & FZ in LA

c. 1989?
Zappa Home, LA, CA

Appears in:

Rudi & FZ The Vault

Frank Zappa—20 Jahre Extravaganza

45 min.

Das Beste
20 Jahre

Written & Directed by Rudi "Cadillac" Dolezal & Hannes Rossacher

Includes footage and excerpts from:
Javier Al Fresco (September 6, 2009):

Note: a shortened version (30 min.) was broadcasted in 1992 in Germany (as an intermission for one of the broadcast of the Frankfurt The Yellow Shark show) as Frank Zappa—25 Jahre Extravaganza


The True Story Of 200 Motels

January 31, 1989
Honker Home Video
59 min.


60 min.

"Schöner Poesie Is Krampf . . . "—Internationale Essener Songtage 1968

February 1989
West 3, Germany
60 min. (FZ content, 8 min.)

Ein Film von
Michael und
Joachim Rüsenberg

Includes footage from:
Included in:
Oscar Bianco, December 8, 2007

The documentary is built coupling some 68 archive videos (interviews and live performances) with various late eighties takes, including some FZ interviews. It includes short extracts of the 1968 Essen performances by various artists, including Amon Düül, Gunter Hampel, John McLaughlin, Alexis Corner, Julie Driscoll, Tim Buckley, The Family and The Mothers Of Invention.

The video has a '88 copyright (West 3).

Most interesting it features some short video excerpts of a "King Kong" live performance that for what I know are not available elsewhere (the fragments are about 45 seconds long . . . ).

About the Zappa contents: the documentary starts out with the Berlin riot footage that has been shown elsewhere. Then there is a short FZ interview segment (taken from the original Essener Songtage documentary) but it's difficult to hear what FZ is saying because of the German language overdub. You can hear the two opening notes of "In The Sky" but then it cuts to a FZ 88 (probably) interview and "In The Sky" is not featured here.

Near the end of the movie short segment of a live "King Kong" from 1968 are nested with the 88 FZ, where he's giving his recollections of the festival and his thoughts about "revolution", "red revolution" and "young people infiltration".

An interesting thing is that the "King Kong" footage belongs to a different performance that the "In The Sky" footage that is available in a short clip I have with the label "Essener Songtage outtakes" (the band wear different clothes).

At now I think that the "In The Sky" belongs to a short TV performances, while "King Kong" comes from the Festival performance. But these are just speculations.

Also note that the 1968 interviews segments that appear in this documentary are instead from the same footage available in the "In The Sky" outtake I cited above.

Pittylabelle, Zappateers, August 16, 2018

The name of this (now) famous 1988 TV docu is: "Schöne Poesie ist Krampf" (the long name is: "Schöne Poesie ist Krampf im Klassenkampf")

English: "Beautiful poetry is cramp in the class struggle"

It was recently re-broadcasted here in Germany in the night from Sunday to Monday (2018 08 13) by WDR Television for the first time in HD quality—with NO upscaling from previous SD versions. The picture quality is simply outstanding!

In terms of video quality, it should be the best that is currently technically possible—you can even see the film grain.

I think it was the first re-broadcast since 1988. It was broadcastet in the WDR TV series: "Rockpalast—From The Archives". They combinded this docu with another docu of that time: "Panoptikum—Internationale Essener Songtage 1968", with previously unreleased material from artists like Alexis Corner and others.

So this new re-broadcast has much more detail. Previous versions have blocky artefacts, clearly visible during camera movements and in murkier picture areas, which are typicall for VHS transfers and sometimes SD qualtiy too.

Sure, in those days, 1968 and 1988, they didn't filmed with HD-Cameras, but now it's of course possible to image more detail from older masters via the higher HD bitrate.

Schöne Poesie ist Krampf, Rockpalast, August 13, 2018, WDR

Im Jahr 1988, zwanzig Jahre nach den Essener Songtagen, treffen die Dokumentarfilmer Michael und Joachim Rüsenberg Zeitzeugen in der Essener Grugahalle. Wie blicken ehemalige Teilnehmer und Besucher auf das Chaos-Festival zurück? Die Dokumentation, die 1989 mit dem Adolf-Grimme-Preis in Silber ausgezeichnet wurde, ist eine Mixtur aus Interviews und Originalaufnahmen aus dem Jahr 1968.

Google Translate:

In 1988, twenty years after the Essen Song Days, documentary filmmakers Michael and Joachim Rüsenberg met contemporary witnesses in the Grugahalle in Essen. How do former participants and visitors look back at the Chaos Festival? The documentary, which was awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize in Silver in 1989, is a mixture of interviews and original recordings from 1968.


Informant: Oscar Bianco

"Night School"

c. 1989
4 min.

Night School

"Night School" from Jazz From Hell (1986) set to clay animation by Bruce Bickford.

Appears in:


The Arsenio Hall Show

February 1, 1989
12 min.


Arsenio Hall Show FZ & Arsenio Hall

From Steve Ramirez

One of the funniest things I ever saw on TV was when Frank was on the Aresenio Hall show several years ago (go figure). Ass-Hall, is his usaul boot-licking "style" introduces Zappa as "the Z-man"!! Zappa comes out with a slighty amused look(sneer) on his face.. Hall was trying to get some kind of "outrageous" response out of Frank by asking him stupid questions about his kids' names, etc., which Frank answered very straight, actually he said that "luna" which translates to "moon" ius a very common name in other parts of the world and it was only because Americans were so lame and uptight that anyone made a big deal about it. Aresenio was clearly out of his element by then . . . Then, he asks Zappa about a song he's writing about Michael Jackson, Zappa says that he was watching a news story about a MJ tour and they were interviewing a black girl who was about 10-11, they asked her what she thought about Michael, and her response was (imagine Zappa imitating a little black girl" " . . . he UGLY! he look WHITE!!". Zappa quips, "that about says it all for me . . . ". Hall is visibly shaken, he can't seem to tell if Zappa was kidding or not, they cut to a commercial with nothing else being said. they come back from commercical, Hall says he's not going to ask FZ anymore questions and they both just sit there for about 30 seconds until the band starts playing the closing theme !! Hall looking very uncomfortable, Zappa with this "cat-that-ate-the-canary" grin.. Excellent!!

Cover Story

March 15, 1989
USA Network
15 min.

Rebroadcast of Cover Story (USA Network, December 10, 1988).


April?, 1989
TVZ, Zagreb, Yugoslavia
15 min.


Hosted by Drazen Vrdoljak

Javier Marcote (May 25, 2009)

TV Z "Prozor"
Zgreb Tv
April 1990 (?) vs 1989*
15'.16'' ( begining missing)

* ( According to info I found probably this interview was performed in mid 1989 when FZ was in Spain in Madrid, Seville & Ibiza when he presented several projects incluiding the World Orchestra for Expo '92 as he mentioned to flight for Spain on 25th to meet with the person in charge of the bugdet).

FZ recalls Zgreb & Ljubljana shows in '75.

His ethnic album collections ( Bulgarian, Macedonia, Indian, Arab & Albanian interesting music).

Presents his proposal for World Orchestra to Expo to celebrate in Seville 1992.

The humorless music of the moment vs serious but funny music.

Videos excerpts of Baby Snakes, Stevie Spanking Zappa's solo ( Rome '82), Adelaide Tonight '73. Complete video of "You are what you is".

skoljic (Zappateers, June 22, 2009)

Interviewer is Drazen Vrdoljak, famous Croatian music critic.


The Amazing Mr. Bickford

May 15, 1989
52 min.

Larry King Live

June 5, 1989
13 min.

FZ talks about The Real Frank Zappa Book, lyrics on records, the power of televangelists, the names of his children, radio, why he didn't drive, the Zappa sound, and then some phone calls about John Lennon, drugs, music, lyrics. It also includes some extracts from Honker Home Video to the sounds of "G-Spot Tornado" from Jazz From Hell.

Larry King Live

Appears in:

Additional informant: Mondolunch

Unidentified Interview (Reelin' In The Years Archive)

c. 1989
7 min.


FZ talks about his book, payola, music business, his trade project with the Soviet Union, not renewing his driving license, and being a dad.

Informant: Javier Marcote.

FZ signing his book in NYC

June 6, 1989
28 min.

NYC 1989

ilikesexywemen (YouTube user)

this is video of me, joe infantini, meeting frank zappa in new york city at his book signing in 1989

joe infantini, YouTube, June 6, 2020

Dalton Book Store NYC, June 6th, 1989

for those that want to know....this was videotaped using my brothers' video camera ...at the time the only way to get up to date info on frank was 818-pumpkin, needless to say, i called it a lot ....i went with my then brother in law, we spent the day lugging this huge camera around new york city...[...]

13:09 stuttering john from The Howard Stern Show

See also: Jaypunk's Frank Zappa 1989 NYC Book Signing Pics Page

Informants: Javier Marcote, Marco Ricci

The Today Show

June 7, 1989
5 min.

The Today Show

Interview by Jane Pauley

"At Home With Frank Zappa"—CBS This Morning

June 9, 1989
15 min.

FZ, "born 48 years ago," talks about TV, stuff in the room, The Real Frank Zappa Book and how it was made, his cottage industries, the Grammy for "Jazz From Hell," the Synclavier, how his favorite rock artist is Allan Holdsworth and raising up his kids.

At Home With Frank Zappa

Additional informant: Charles Ulrich.

The Arsenio Hall Show

June 19, 1989
10 min.

FZ talks about his driving license, love lyrics, his book, the band of the show, CNN, PMRC, the homeless problem in the USA and Ronald Reagan.

Arsenio Hall Show

From Bill Moxim

Yes! I remember that. I thought it was HILARIOUS that he even DID an Arsenio show! I couldn't believe it. Arsenio was such an IDIOT! He knew -nothing- about Frank Zappa or his music, other than what he most likely read in the bio. If I remember correctly I believe Frank just kinda had this sneer when speaking with him. I do recall the comment about the band after a break. He said something like "You have a really great band there, you should let them play more often" (or maybe " . . . an entire song once in a while") or something like that.


Fuera de serie

June 21, 1989
TVE 1, Spain
80 min.

1st part of the special TV show about the 3rd Ibiza 92 festival that took place in the Ku discotheque, Ibiza, June 1-3, 1989. FZ appears briefly on the title credits.

Fuera de serie

Informant: Javier Al Fresco

Fuera de serie

June 28, 1989
TVE 1, Spain
68 min. (FZ appearance: 1 min.)

2nd part of the special TV show about the 3rd Ibiza 92 festival that took place in the Ku discotheque, Ibiza, June 1-3, 1989. FZ acted as MC, introduced the festival and some of the groups, including Duncan Dhu and La Luna Les Canta.

Informant: Javier Al Fresco

Headline News

July 3, 1989
2 min.

Report on The Real Frank Zappa Book with a short interview to FZ.

Headline News


November 7, 1989
20 min.


Javier Marcote (May 16, 2009)

USA Cable
November 7, 1989

FZ interviewed about his business with Russians.

(He was introduced through his friend & owner of Kramer guitars who had a plant there last February).

His role as deal maker there. Explains the joint venture dealing in Soviet Union & provides examples.

Frank replies phone calls at studio asking about his book, business, drugs, art & environment.


Pro-Choice Rally

November 12, 1989
Rancho Park, Los Angeles, CA

Pro-Choice Rally, 1989

Videotaped by Dweezil Zappa.

FZ, interviewed by Den Simms, Society Pages, September 1990

DS: Also, congratulations on your speech at the pro-choice rally.

FZ: (chuckles) The prayer?

DS: Yeah, that was pretty cool. I was very surprised to hear that. It was, I thought, a good thing to do.

FZ: Yeah, I thought so, too.

DS: How many people were there?

FZ: A hundred thousand. The press reported twenty [thousand]. They tried to make it look small. It was a hundred thousand. Not my count. That was the announcement at the event. [Richard] Dreyfus was on before I was, and I think he was the one that said it. I looked out there, and to me, it looked like a hundred thousand people, I've seen twenty thousand before, and this wasn't twenty thousand. They were all over the fuckin' place.

DS: Do you think you surprised any feminists that might've been there?

FZ: No question, but I had a lot of good reports about, y'know, people appreciated the fact that I showed up, and, uh . . . Dweezil videotaped it.

DS: No shit?

FZ: I've got the whole prayer on tape, plus, you can hear people praying along with it, (laughter) and I'm thinkin' about stickin' that on an album.

DS: The tapes that I've heard of it . . . I got to hear a cassette tape of it from somebody who was out in the audience with a little cassette job, and it sounds great! Particularly, there was one kinda long line in the speech that ended with " . . . asking for the death of a Supreme Court Justice . . . ", and it's really cool when ya listen to it on the tape as they repeat back, 'cause the first part of that line is jumbled up, and then, the last, about, four or five words coalesce, and they all say it right together . . .

FZ: How 'bout the one that goes. "HUH!"?

Sheryl Stolberg, Los Angeles Times, November 13, 1989

Pro-choice activists flocked by the thousands to Rancho Park on Sunday for a star-studded rally that featured dozens of politicians and Hollywood celebrities—from the cast of the television show "L.A. Law" to the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who exhorted the crowd to "fight for the right of self-determination."

[...] The day was intended to mobilize pro-choice forces in the wake of last July's U.S. Supreme Court decision giving states more power to restrict abortions.

The Rancho Park celebration, reportedly the nation's second-largest, drew 20,000 people, according to Los Angeles police. But rally organizers put the figure at 100,000.



November 16, 1989
19 min.

Crossfire 1989 Crossfire 1989

Javier Marcote (May 16, 2009)

Crossfire: "Is this art?"
November 16, 1989

Host: Pat Buchanan
Guests: Bob Beckel, Rep. William Dannermeyer from Washington & Frank Zappa ( from LA)

Due to an exhibition art in NY, the discussion focuses on why it has to be subsidized by goverment budget and not sponsored when they deem offensive & pro-Comunist vs the view censorship & homofobia by others.


Circus Of The Stars #14

November 22, 1989

From: Bill (June 8, 2004)

You Don't Have Every FZ Video Yet

From: IMDb

Directed by Tony Charmoli

Cast (in credits order)

Stacy Keach . . . . Himself (Ringmaster)
Barbara Mandrell . . . . Herself (Ringmaster)
Leslie Nielsen . . . . Himself (Ringmaster)

rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Willie Aames . . . . Himself (Performer—Human Cannonball)
Kristian Alfonso . . . . Herself (performer)
Melissa Sue Anderson . . . . Herself (performer) (as Melissa Anderson)
Rebeca Arthur . . . . Herself (performer)
Mayim Bialik . . . . Herself (performer)
Karen Black . . . . Herself (Performer-Elephant Act)
Maureen Flannigan . . . . Herself (performer)
Jennie Garth . . . . Herself (Performer-Trapeze Artist)
Deidre Hall . . . . Herself (performer)
Telma Hopkins . . . . Herself (performer)
Omri Katz . . . . Himself (performer)
Allan Kayser . . . . Himself (performer)
David Leisure . . . . Himself (performer)
Mario López . . . . Himself (Performer—Trapeze Artist)
Jamie Luner . . . . Herself (Performer-Comedy Acrobat)
Julie McCullough . . . . Herself (Performer—High Wire Act)
Alan Rachins . . . . Himself (performer)
Lynn Redgrave . . . . Herself (performer)
Giovanni Ribisi . . . . Himself (as Vonni Ribisi)
Tracy Scoggins . . . . Herself
Alex Trebek . . . . Himself (performer)
Ben Vereen . . . . Himself (performer-Circus Band Leader)
Fred Willard . . . . Himself (performer)
David Yost . . . . Himself (performer)
Ahmet Zappa . . . . Himself (Performer-Comedy Acrobat)
Frank Zappa . . . . Himself (uncredited)


MTV Fineline

December 1989
GTV Ch. 9, Australia
1 min.


December 1989

GTV Ch 9
MTV Fineline interview

Richard Wilkins asks Frank about why he refuses to line up for a Drivers License. 

1 minute


MTV Australia

December 1, 1989
GTV Ch. 9, Australia
11 min.


December 1 1989

GTV Ch 9

Richard Wilkins in the Sydney studio Interviews Frank in L.A with footage from Dub Room Special & Does Humor Belong In Music? Not fitting into Hollywood/Pushing Boundaries in Music Censorship/Sponsorships & Endorsements/Awards/The Real Frank Zappa Book/Smoking in an Australian Picture Theatre in the 70's.

11 minutes



December 13, 1989
60 min. (FZ interview: 3 min.)


FZ interview also appears in News At Night (MTV, December 6, 1993)

Information from The MBC Archives

Air Date: 12/13/1989
Rec Date: 10/30/1991

Producer: Corradina, Linda

Topic/Names: Jackson, Jesse; Rock Music; Politics; Jackson, Michael; Television History; Media Criticism; Motion Pictures History; Ellerbee, Linda; Madonna; Fashion; Reed, Lou; Pop Music; Peabody Award; Roseanne; Lee, Spike; Malkovitch, John; Geldof, Bob; Mellencamp, John; Tyler, Steven; Bernhard, Sandra; Michael, George; Byrne, David; Haring, Keith; Zappa, Frank; Turner, Tina.

Summary: MTV presents a journey through the 1980's as reflected in and seen through fashion, entertainment, popular culture, and music. Some of the personalities that populated the period contribute stories, recollections, and personal points of view that enable the audience to review the "Decade".

Informant: Javier Marcote

Unidentified Interview, c. 1989

c. 1989

CBS 2 Action News 1993

Appears in CBS 2 Action News obituary (December 6, 1993).

FZ in Prague, Czechoslovakia

January 20-24, 1990
444 min.

Appears in:
From: Brian Lagerman

1/20 through 1/24/90, private recording of Frank's visit. Filmed with his knowledge. Covers 3 full 120 tapes and 72 mins. of 4th tape.

FZ in Prague Czech TV Czech Parlament

Short Reuters press clip from ITN Source:

Zappa chatting to Czech president Vaclav Havel.
Zappa walking along street, followed by journalists.


"Frank Zappa v Praze" (Televizní noviny)

January 22, 1990
Československá televize
4 min.

Czech television news about FZ's visit to Prague. Includes footage from the "You Are What You Is" videoclip (1981),

Informant: Javier Marcote

MTV News Clip

February 1, 1990
1 min.

tomtidder (April 5, 2009)

MTV News clip, from 1st February 1990 reporting on Zappa's visit to Prague

Informant: Javier Marcote

MTV Interview

February 1990

MTV February 1990

FZ talks about composing music in the USA and record labeling. A fragment appears in an MTV obituary from December 1993.


February 26-28, 1990

The Today Show

March 22, 1990
4 min.

Today NBC Today NBC

Hosted by Bryant Gumbel. FZ talks about his relationship with the government of Czechoslovakia, business between America and the Soviet Union, the Outrage At Valdez soundtrack with a short clip, and running for president.

Alaska: Outrage At Valdez

March 25, 1990
48 min.

Frank Zappa Two Way for Nu Joysy

c. April 1990

Musik Werkstatt Musik Werkstatt

Scenes of the shooting appears in Musik Werkstatt (1990).

Musik Werkstatt

April 8, 1990
ZDF, Germany
15 min.

"Rock'n Roll und Avantgarde: Frank Zappa" by Henning Lohner

Musik Werkstatt Musik Werkstatt The Revenge Of The Dead Indians (Die Rache der toten Indianer)

FZ working with his Synclavier and talking about it and his compositions with Henning Lohner. Includes scenes of the shooting of Frank Zappa Two Way for Nu Joysy.

FZ, interviewed by Den Simms, Society Pages, April 1990

I just finished doing a documentary for German television. They shot there for two days and at the end of the second day, Scott and Mike Keneally came over, while we were videotaping upstairs, and I told the interviewer, "Why don't you ask these guys what happened to that 1988 band?" And so, for the first time, I actually heard it, in their words, what went on. So, I got a nice piece of video tape of Scott and Keneally answering all those questions in detail.

Footage from the same interview appears in:

Informant: Javier Marcote

Zappa V Praze

June 1990 (also listed as February 1990)
Czech TV
30 min.

Includes footage from:
From: Chris Rigas

This is a documentary account of FZ's first visit to Czechoslovakia in January of 1990. It was broadcast on Czechoslovak TV in Februery of 1990. It shows Frank arriving at Prague's Ruzyne airport, which was filled with fans. Also shown is US ambassador to Czechoslovakia Shirley Temple Black saying that she does not know who Frank Zappa is. Other footage included FZ taking a sip from a bottle of Becherovka, which was passed around the crowd in a nightclub. FZ also sings Love of my Life accompanied by the Czechoslovak rock group Pulnoc [*]. My copy of this tape is a 1st generation made from a PAL master, which was taped for me by a friend in Czechoslovakia.

[*] Actually he sings "Love Of My Life" over the Tinsel Town Rebellion track, but on another scene he can be seen singing some Russian words with an accompanying band, probably Pulnoc.

Additional informant: Javier Marcote

Zappa V Praze

June 1990 (also listed as February 1990)
Czech TV, pre-broadcast
62 min.

From: Chris Rigas

This is a longer, pre-broadcast and unedited version of the above show. It includes a time bar on the bottom of the screen.


Pražákum, tem je hej ("It's Alright For The Praguers")

93 min.

Prager leben gut
Screenshot from Zappateers

aka Prager leben gut (German version)

Directed by Karel Smyczek

Documentary about Pražský Výběr with FZ in it. More info here.

Jon Naurin

There's a cool little video for Fine Girl that FZ produced with a czech film team circa 1990. As I've understood, it was tacked to the end of a czech music film, called "Prager leben gut" in german.

The Journal

July 17, 1990
CBC Television, Canada
7 min.

CBC Archive Sales

THE JOURNAL, SHOW #2168 [...] In a 2x1 ex Toronto and Los Angeles, Cameron speaks with Journal Arts Correspondent Laurie Brown and Frank Zappa, composer-musician, who discuss censorship and subliminal messages in music. (7:18)

Zappa on never hearing any subliminal messages and evangelical ministries are behind the idea to try to control youth of today

Zappa on Osbourne (Ozzy) trial being thrown out of court twice

Zappa says he doesnt believe we need a government or civic agency to control what we listen to

Informant: Javier Marcote

Lost Interview c. 1990

c. 1990

FZ The Class Of The 20th Century

Interview by Niles Lesh. Some fragments appear in The Clash Of The 20th Century (1992) and Frank Zappa—Mini Biography (2013).

Niles aka YouTube user nwrhino (April 29, 2008):

The total interview runs about an hour and covers music politics and popular culture from 1950s through 1990.

nwrhino (May 4, 2008)

This interview was never released. It was recorded in 3 segments 1990 in LA, but never completed as a final project.

nwrhino (May 5, 2008)

This was a project to highlight Frank Zappa's 50th birthday and his 30 of the music industry most strident years. Intended to be kind of retrospect of what happened to the personal growth and idealism of 60's as it whitewashed into the self indulgence of the 70s and 80s and the corporatism of America. It was never completed upon his death.

Zappa Wiki Jawaka

"And the thing that I like about Albert Einstein and I hope it's not an apocryphal story. He liked the television show that I liked, which was "Time For Beany". I heard a story that he left an important meeting one time telling the people he had to go watch "Time For Beany". And I hope that's true." (Frank Zappa in The Lost Interview)

Unidentified Interview, c. 1991

c. 1991

Today In History

Appears in E! obituary (December 6, 1993), 1 obituary (December 1993), Today In History (AP, 2010). FZ talks about censorship in the USA

Portland General Electric Ad


From: Zomby Woof

The following television commercial is transcribed from page 139 of "Communication Arts #33" (1992) . . . samples of advertising that advertising people check out. You may find one in your library. Current technology does not allow me to scan the video stills. Maybe someone out there can, if they find it.

Client: Portland General Electric
Title: "Zappa"

(Open on extreme close-up of Frank Zappa)

Frank Zappa:
Portland General Electric offered to pay me to be in this commercial. I told them "I refuse to sell your product." They said, "Great." In fact, I said I would tell people to use less of it. And they said, "Perfect."

Current thinking on energy. Portland General Electric.

From: Joe Franks

Back in 1991 or so, the commercial came on and I saw it once. It was the first time in my entire life that I saw Frank Zappa. I was like maybe 8 or 9. My Dad told me who he was and that he had Cancer . . . . . It was a short commercial, and I wish I woulda caught it on video. He looked really old to me then. He didn't look as old as the Yellow Shark cover picture(makes me so sad btw). But when I first saw the Apostrophe CD, and saw his face on the front, I immediately recognized him. He looked about like that in the cameraview (as pictured on Apostrophe cover), but looked much older.

Portland General Electric

Showbiz Today

June 4, 1991
4 min.

Showbiz Today 1991

Report about bootlegging. FZ talks briefly about Beat The Boots.

Informant: Javier Marcote (YouTube alert)

"Adieu CA"

June 24, 1991
Nahranove Sportoni Hale, Prague, Czechoslovakia

Budapest, Hungary

June 30, 1991
Tabán, Budapest, Hungary

FZ, introduced by mayor Gábor Demszky, plays with Gyula Babos, guitar, János Egri, bass, Béla "Szakcsi" Lakatos, keyboard and Imre Köszegi, drums, at the Budapesti Búcsú 91 festival in Tabán, Budapest, Hungary.

Various footage appears in


Guus Veldhuis

Subject: Re: ? about 91' Bussev Festival jam w/FZ
I think it was called the pech festival

Istvan Fekete

It was called Budapesti Bucsu (both u's in the second word should have an accent (Bu'csu')—if you have the video, you can see the name displayed on a board in front of the stage), i.e. Budapest Kermis, which has been held every summer for the last 10 years or so.

There are all kinds of music, theater and other events all through the city—the FZ jam was just one of these.

See here:

YouTube: Frank Zappa (Budapest 1991) (13:50 min.) · Frank ZAPPA & Hungarian Gypsy Band [ RARE bootleg ] (31:20 min.)

Budapesti Búcsú 91

June 30, 1991
Magyar TV 2
35 min.

A Budapesti Körzeti Stúdió produkciója.

Búcsú 91 Búcsú 91 Búcsú 91

Backstage Interview with mayor Gábor Demszky; FZ performance with Gypsy band; backstage interview with Demzsky & FZ; Beatles tribute peformance at the festival.

Stúdió '91

Budapest, MTV (Magyar TV) 2, Hungary
8 min.

Stúdió 1991 Stúdió 91

Interview with FZ dubbed in Hungarian. Includes some footage from Budapest, Hungary, June 30, 1991.

Informant: Javier Marcote


TV 2, Hungary
27 min.

"ZAPPApest" (26:54 min., TV2, Hungary, 1991), hosted by Richard Rifkin, includes scenes of FZ arriving at Budapest, on a ship, first part of an interview with FZ talking about his trips to Russia and Prague, interviews with Demszky Gábor, Kóbor János, FZ & Gail's visit to Bige József, FZ attending a street concert of classical music (including short interviews with Földessy Dalma and Tóth László), FZ arriving at Taban, an interview with Gail Zappa, the concert at Taban, second part of the interview with FZ talking about the Ensemble Modern project and running for president, a short backstage interview with FZ; also includes footage from The Dub Room Special! (1982) (including "Flakes");


additional informants: Brian Lagerman, Javier Marcote

FZ & The Ensemble Modern in LA

July 1991
Joe's Garage & UMRK, LA, CA

Appears in:

FZ, Los Angeles, 1991 A Pioneer Of Future Music Part 2

The New Music

July 21, 1991
Canadian TV
10 min.

War Music

Javier Marcote, April 11, 2009

War Music
July 21, 1991

FZ interviewed about Beat The Boots; r&r business thru world of video;the voter registration from '88 tour; historical & political facts( Middle East) unknown for US people; get ideas from different tv news & wondering why are they are talking about this, now?

Video snippets of "You are what you is; Dinah-Moeh Humm (Pier '84); G.Spot Tornado, Baby Snakes (79)".

Charles Ulrich, June 13, 2009

Here's a more complete list of video snippets (mostly from DHBIM?):

You Are What You Is, Dinah-Moe Humm, Keep It Greasey, G-Spot Tornado, Dancing Fool, Hot Plate Heaven, Trouble Every Day, Baby Snakes.

IT1 20h

August 13, 1991
TF1 France
2 min.

TF1 1991

FZ interview. Includes footage from Prague, June 24, 1991 and Barcelona, May 17, 1988.

Appears in:
Sobgnace (YouTube user)

About 1992 Election and "Beat the boots"

Informant: Javier Marcote (YouTube alert)

Raw Power

August 31, 1991
7 min.

Raw Power The Crazy World Of Frank Zappa

Javier Marcote (April 7, 2009):

Raw Power
August 31, 1991

Hotel room interview. FZ talks about his own business work vs major record companies, MTV & beverages endorsement. Also when S. Vai joined the band.

Be in my video; St. Etienne; Stevie Spanking & You Are What Your Is; video snippets.

Appears in:

Informant: Javier Marcote

Frank Zappa: Peefeeyatko

October 10, 1991
WDR 3, Germany
60 min.

Your Vote

October 24, 1991
Learning Channel
28 min.

Learning Channel

Javier Marcote (April 11, 2009)

Your Vote
Learning Channel
USA Cable
October 24, 1991

FZ host & narrator ( voice over). To register & vote rights vs historical times & views.


Sounds Of The 60s: 1968-9—In Living Colour

November 30, 1991
30 min.

Javier Marcote (January 22, 2009)

Covers the era of flower power and Sergeant Pepper, with acts including Herman's Hermits, Manfred Mann and Alan Price, as well as The Hollies, Julie Driscoll, Arthur Brown and the Rolling Stones.

On screen participants: Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Mothers of Invention, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Small Faces, Move, Kinks, Moody Blues & Who.

Execute producers: John Archer & Michael Jackson
Series producer: David Jeffcock
Editors: Chris Kaye & John O'Connor.


Ivo Niehe—Profile

December 11, 1991
TROS, Netherlands
19 min.

TROS 1991 TROS 1991

Ivo Niehe visits FZ's house and interviews him about Americans, the consumption of beer, reading & TV, the Synclavier (including a visit to the control room), Dr. Ruth. Also includes scenes from an interview c. 1985, an FZ's report from Moscow for FNN, Prague's 1990 concert, "Stink-Foot" from KCET TV 1974 and "Black Napkins" from The Palladium 1981,

Interview by Geoff Steven, c. 1991

39 min.

Turgid Flux Turgid Flux

FZ interviewed by Geoff Steven.

Geoff Steven, "Frank Zappa, 'Turgid Flux'—Comments On American TV Culture (1991)," YouTube, April 14, 2020

A never seen interview with Frank Zappa by NZ film maker Geoff Steven who was reseaching a documentary of global TV culture and spend an entertaining and informative afternoon with Frank discussing the current state of American television and its effect on the country. Frank's thoughts on MTV;Soap Operas,censorship and particualy Network News coverage are all discussed in this revealing recently discovered footage.

The Class Of The 20th Century

January-April 1992
Arts & Entertainment Network (A&E)
600 min. (10 hours)

Includes fragments of the "Lost Interview c. 1990."

From: http://www.moviesunlimited.com

Class Of The 20th Century

Richard Dreyfuss hosts this time capsule that gives a personal perspective on the events of the 20th century. Amid footage of World Wars I and II, Prohibition and the Roaring '20s, the Cold War, Vietnam, Watergate and the AIDS crisis, renowned Americans William F. Buckley, Mickey Mantle, Ralph Nader, Frank Zappa, Oprah Winfrey and others share their experiences. 9 1/2 hours on six tapes.

Cast: William F. Buckley, Richard Dreyfuss, Mickey Mantle, Oprah Winfrey, Frank Zappa

Zoglin, Richard, "A Talk Show Without Egos," Time, January 13, 1992

The Class of the 20th Century, a 13-week documentary series debuting this week on the Arts & Entertainment Network [...]. Frank Zappa recalls hiding under the bed during blackouts in World War II.

Noah McKelvie (April 14, 2008)

I was reading wikipedia's article on Woodstock and in the section of the musicians who refused their invitation was a quote by Frank Zappa and it said the source of the quote was from A&E's "Class Of The Century" serial. Just for confirmation I copied and paisted the quote from wikipedia and here it is:

Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention Quote: "A lot of mud at Woodstock. We were invited to play there, we turned it down."—FZ. Citation: "Class of the 20th Century", U.S. network television special in serial format, circa 1995.

FZ interviewed by Jon Winokur, 1992

On a show for Bill Moyers called "The Class of the Twentieth Century" I said that the faces that really belong on Mount Rushmore are J. Edgar Hoover and Joseph McCarthy and Walter Winchell and Hedda Hopper and maybe even Roy Cohn and Michael Milken, because they've had the greatest impact on American society. They have shaped the way things are done in this country. One of the problems with the world in which we live is that people have become accustomed to lies upon lies upon lies.

Informants: computeruser, Javier Marcote (YouTube alert)

From The Vault

June 1, 1992

From The Vault Democracy In Action

Available at:


FZ & The Ensemble Modern in Frankfurt

July 1992
Fabrik, Frankfurt, Germany

Appears in:

FZ, Frankfurt, 1992 Peter Rundel Hermann Kretzschmar

Yellow Shark press conference

July 21, 1992
Frankfurt, Germany
85 min.

Appears in:
From: Chris Rigas

News conference given by FZ in Frankfurt covering the Yellow Shark concert. This recording features the press conference as taped from two different angles. Angle 1 footage is 46 minutes long, while Angle 2 footage is only 38 minutes long.

Press Conference The Yellow Shark

Ren And Stimpy—"Powdered Toast Man"

August 15, 1992
19 min.

Devórame 2

August 17, 1992
TVE 2, Spain
7 min.

From Al Fresco (Javier) (October 2, 2007)

FZ playing "Bolero" from a Spanish live concert (6:50)


Rehearsals for Yellow Shark, Alte Oper, Frankfurt

September 16, 1992
Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany
36 min.

Scenes of FZ and the Ensemble Modern rehearsing "Food Gathering In Post-Industrial America, 1992" (25 min.), "G-Spot Tornado" with the dancers (4 min.), and "Welcome To The United States" (5 min.).

Yellow Shark Rehearsals Yellow Shark Rehearsals

unicrayon (Zappateers) (May 1, 2009)

Frank Zappa rehearsing with Ensemble Modern, the day before the opening night of the Yellow Shark tour.
Unedited source tape, never broadcast.

Interview, Frankfurt, September 1992

September 1992
Frankfurt, Germany

ZDF Heute Journal 1993

Appears in Heute Journal obituary (ZDF, December 6, 1993).

Informant: Javier Marcote


September 17, 1992
German PPV
30 min.

The Yellow Shark

September 17, 1992
Alte Oper Frankfurt
88 min.

Frank Zappa—25 Jahre Extravaganza

29 min.

Directed by Rudi Dolezal & Hannes Rossacher. Produced by "The Torpedo Twins" for DoRo Productions for Premiere. Extracted from Frank Zappa—20 Jahre Extravaganza (DoRo, 1989)

Backstage footage from Yellow Shark, Alte Oper, Frankfurt

September 16-17, 1992
Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany
4 min.

From YouTube user Rien Post:

In 1992 I worked on Frank Zappa's last tour, The Yellow Shark. Here's some of the backstage footage, shot before and after the opening night in Frankfurt, Germany.

Frankfurt, 1992

Democracy In Action

October 23, 1992
KAET TV, Phoenix, AZ
3 min.

Includes footage from a June 1, 1992 interview.

YouTube user reldditmot (June 6, 2009):

Democracy In Action.

Informant: Omair Eshkenazi (YouTube alert)


c. October 1992
German TV
3 min.

"Zappa haut auf den Bush"

Mainly includes footage from TV Specials by DoRo, including a report of Prague, 1991.

Informant: Javier Marcote

Rykodisc Retail Reel #5


"Salad Party 93"

January 8, 1993
90 min.

The Late Show

March 12, 1993
48 min.


The Revenge Of The Dead Indians (Die Rache der toten Indianer)

130 min.

A film by Henning Lohner


Yves Bazillou
Michael Berger
Gary Burton
Farid Chahboub
Noam Chomsky
Merce Cunningham
Jacqueline Daubert
René Delesalle
William Forsythe
Corinne Fortin
Betty Freeman
Frank O. Gehry
Murray Gell-Mann
Matt Groening
Ben Habdallah
Rutger Hauer
Dennis Hopper
Ellsworth Kelly
Alison Knowles
Raymond Kurzweil
Edward Lorenz
Benoit Mandelbrot
Yehudi Menuhin
Mohamed Ben Methnic
Marvin Minsky
Heiner Müller
M. Neraqueller
Jean Nouvel
Yoko Ono
Goolaganaden Parianen
Baramouh Parianen
Soopaya Parianen
Tomaso Poggio
René Sancier
Richard Serra
Giorgio Strehler
Shankar & Caroline
Claude Trouvé
Iannis Xenakis
Frank Zappa
John Zorn

Music: John Cage
Director of Photography: Van Theodore Carlson
Executive Producer: Peter Lohner
Editor: Sven Fleck
Written by Holger Hof and Henning Lohner
Directed by Henning Lohner

FZ appearances:
From VVK-Distribution:

Deutschland 1993
Beta SP, U-matic LB, 130:00

Director/Picture/Sound: Henning Lohner
Script: Holger Hof / Henning Lohner
Music: John Cage
Director of Photography: Van Theodore Carlson
Editing: Sven Fleck
Editor: Christoph Jörg
Production: Peter Lohner
Time of Production: Mai 1992 to Februar 1993
Locations: USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe, Tschechei,
Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands

Summary by Henning Lohner (from imdb.com):

This is a full-length documentary honoring the life and work of American
composer and artist John Cage, who died in New York August 12th, 1992.
John Cage is considered to be one of the most influential composers of
the 20th century. Personalities from all fields of endeavour introduce us
to the life and work of this great American artist. This film is structured
according to the compositional methods practiced by John Cage and
translates these musical processes freely to the film medium.



DVD Release

The Revenge of the Dead Indians: In Memoriam John Cage, a composed film directed by Henning Lohner, 1993 (Mode Records Mode 197, 2008)

Additional informant (YouTube alert): Javier Marcote

Today Show

May 14, 1993
10 min.

Jamie Gangel & FZ FZ

Interview by Jamie Gangel

Appears in:
From: "Hoodoo"

Out of curiosity, does anyone know when in FZ's last days was the Today Show interview.

From: John Henley

It was in the summer sometime, maybe June. (May 14th? -ed.) It was the "Today" show. When the clip was over, Katie Couric said to the interviewer—whose name I forget exactly, I think it was Jamie Gangel—"It looks like he was a tough interview," meaning it was hard to get decent answers to her questions, but Gangel took her to mean that his physical condition made it hard for both of them to sit and talk.

From: "Hoodoo"

Thanks. I was really shocked at how bad Frank looked and you could just see how much pain he was in. Seeing him with his full grey beard was disheartening with his emaciated face. I'm glad I got to see the interview that morning but it wasn't very uplifting.

From: Jon

. . . when he was asked what he wanted to be remembered for he replied "I don't want to be remembered for anything."

From: Peter de B. Harrington

It seems to me that if you are interviewing someone who is terminally ill, it just might be a bit tactless and impolite to ask them, "what do you want to be remembered for?"

From: John Henley

It was the Today show, the interviewer was their regular celebrity interviewer Jamie Gangel, and to be fair she seemed both awed by Frank and obviously uncomfortable with his desperate condition.

He may have said the above but what I do remember him saying was "It doesn't matter" how he was to be remembered. She wasn't prepared for that and asked why it didn't matter. Frank shrugged and said "It's not important."

He may have been playing with her head, he may have been tired out and uninterested in saying more; but I have always felt he was telling the truth. When you can't work anymore, you're done [he seemed to be saying], and after you're gone, it won't matter to you whether anyone remembers. The world moves on. In other words, he was rejecting this notion of celebrity-from-the-grave.

If it's important to other people that you be remembered, that's their business—it can't be yours. And those other people would probably better spend their time keeping up with the living world.

SevenLoad: Zappa Interview at "NBC's Today Show" 1993 (10:20 min.)

E! Howard Stern Interview

June 27, 1993
22 min.

Howard Stern Interview

From: Chris Rigas

The radio "shock jock" interviews Moon Unit Zappa. In the middle of the interview Frank joins the interview via the phone.

Additional Informant: Javier Marcote (YouTube alert)

Amerikanische Traeume

July 11, 1993
ZDF German TV
8 min.

Varèse & Zappa

From: Clarence

Correct title is 'Amerikanische Traeume'. It was aired: 07-11-93, Copyright: ORF 1992 (austrian TV)—so I guess they showed it before the german broadcast . . . It features several artists (Beatles, Stones etc.) and a small segment is dedicated to FZ. Once again (see 'Jam' pics) a DoRo production with the same material they've used in their other FZ documentaries (1970 interview, Vienna, Philadelphia 1980).


FZ & Ensemble Modern, 1993

July 1993
Warner Bros. Soundstage, Burbank, California

Appears in:

Ensemble Modern FZ My finger Vault Clip

Interview about Slonimsky, c. October 1993

c. October 1993
1 min.


Appears in A Touch Of Genius—The Life And Times Of Nicolas Slonimsky/The First 100 Years (1994)


I think his contribution for the Slonimsky documentary was videotaped in October. He could hardly speak by that time. It was pretty short. Believe me, you don't want to see the Slonimsky tape. I had tears in my eyes when I saw that one.

Jon Naurin

I was only able to watch it one and a half times.


Various Memorial Clips

December 1993



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