Aida, Act II, Scene 2

(Giuseppe Verdi)

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A partial list of "Aïda" quotations, compiled by Charles Ulrich

11/28/80 (early) Chicago ((City Of Tiny Lights; stand-alone)
11/29/80 (late) Chicago (The Torture Never Stops)
11/30/80 Des Moines (Dead Girls Of London, The Torture Never Stops)
12/2/80 Fort Collins (City Of Tiny Lights)
12/8/80 Santa Barbara (City Of Tiny Lights)
12/11/80 (late) Santa Monica (City Of Tiny Lights)
8/5/81 rehearsal (stand-alone)
6/19/82 (late) London (King Kong)
7/5/82 Genoa (Pound For A Brown)
7/7/82 Milan (soundcheck)
7/9/82 Rome (soundcheck; RDNZL)
7/12/82 Naples (soundcheck; RDNZL)
7/14/82 Palermo (RDNZL)
2/10/88 Washington (classical medley)
6/7/88 Rome (stand-alone)

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