Understanding America

The Project

zallures, Zappateers, November 1, 2012

This was obviously a project that Frank was going to release as it is the same tapes that are shown in the Peefeeyatko documentary. The exact same photos of the tapes boxes are printed in the insert for the CD. It says the original digital master by Frank on Feb 3 1991.

Vaultmeister, Zappateers, November 4, 2012

Not everything are ryko sources, but the bulk of it is. Since the program was made in 1989, it's interesting to note that had this CD come out then, some of the material would have found it's way on CD for the first time as not all of the titles were available on CD yet. & admist all of the current remasters there are some mixes on UA that are still not on CD. I think it's a very interesting statement by the maestro and Porn Wars Deluxe for me is worth the price of admission (so to speak). I find Understanding America a good starting point to recommend to anyone discovering FZ, made by the man himself. Since there is currently not a "compilation" in print other than "Have I Offended Someone?" (and soon "Mothermania)....I think UA serves a purpose.

[...] Concerning Bob Ludwig, I thought he did a good job considering what he had to work with. Also, the 1630 masters were in wretched shape by the time we transferred them in 2008. That Ampex tape stock is so problematic, they had to be baked in order to retrieve the data. FYI, we also had to do that for almost all of the 1630 Digital House Masters that the catalog lived on. It took almost a year to treat & save all of those tapes. UGH.

Tan Mitsugu, alt.fan.frank-zappa, November 17, 2012

As The Idiot reported in his News page, the master tape of Understanding America is visible in Peefeeyatko (approximately at 37:50):



disc 2

11. Porn Wars Deluxe

Much has changed since Elvis' seemingly innocent times.

Table Of Contents

Porn Wars
Porn Wars
00:00-01:32 00:00-01:32 Senate Hearings
01:32-03:18   Senate Hearings (Synclavier)—Synclavier piece #1
03:18-03:25   Piano People (1967)
  01:32-02:04 Bow Tie Daddy (WOIIFTM)
03:25-06:08 02:04-04:47 Senate Hearings (Synclavier)—Synclavier piece #2
06:08-06:10 04:47-04:49 Piano People (1967)
06:10-06:21   Senate Hearings (Synclavier)
  04:49-05:02 Senate Hearings
  05:02-06:16 It Can't Happen Here (FO) 0:00-1:06; 1:54-2:03
  06:16-06:28 Senate Hearings
06:21-06:41 06:28-06:47 Piano People (1967)
06:41-07:24 06:47-07:30 Senate Hearings (Synclavier)
  07:30-08:13 Senate Hearings (Synclavier)
  08:13-08:15 Senate Hearings
  08:15-09:04 Brown Shoes Don't Make It (TTR) 1:25-2:14
07:24-08:14 09:04-09:55 Senate Hearings (Synclavier)—H.R.2911 (FZMTMOP) 0:06-0:56
08:14-08:28 09:55-10:08 Thing-Fish
  10:08-11:50 Senate Hearings
  11:50-12:08 What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? (WOIIFTM) 0:31-0:49
  12:08-12:28 Senate Hearings
  12:28-12:42 What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? (WOIIFTM) 0:49-1:03
  12:42-13:57 Senate Hearings
  13:57-14:31 Senate Hearings (CSMNL) 27:03-27:37
  14:31-14:45 Senate Hearings (CSMNL) 30:24-30:37
  14:45-15:27 Who Are The Brain Police? (FO) 0:06-0:26; 1:04-1:22; 2:45-2:50
  15:27-18:21 Senate Hearings
  18:21-21:22 SEX (TMFU)
  21:22-21:43 Senate Hearings
08:28-09:24 21:43-22:39 Thing-Fish—rock band
09:24-10:19 22:39-23:34 Senate Hearings (Synclavier)—H.R.2911 (FZMTMOP) 0:56-1:51
10:19-11:40   Senate Hearings (Synclavier)—H.R.2911 (FZMTMOP) 1:51-3:12
  23:34-24:15 Brown Shoes Don't Make It (TTR) 2:20-3:00
11:40-12:03 24:15-24:37 Senate Hearings (Synclavier)—H.R.2911 (FZMTMOP) 3:12-3:34
  24:37-25:50 He Used To Cut The Grass (JGAII&III) 0:00-1:13



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