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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1973: Essentially performed as on "The Lost Epsiodes", with the standard deviation coming in Fowler's or Ponty's opening solo, and Duke's end-of-the-song solo.

1973-74: From the post-solo written section on, this songs essentially appears as it would later be performed on YCDTOSA Volume II. The first half of the tune, however, is quite a bit different. The short, quick opening section is present at this point, but Ruth's brilliant display of percussion technique is not yet ready for consumption. Instead, we cut straight to a short Fowler trombone solo, followed by a longer yet not quite filling Frank guitar solo. At this point, we then receive the typical post-solo RDNZL action, with the "We Can Share A Love" segment being the only element absent from this version. In its place, we get several bars of frantic Brock blowing, which serves as the segue into Duke's solo. While roughly only half the tune is different, this version creates quite a different feel. Without Ruth's mesmerizing solo, and Frank's own full-length, sweeping display of talent, the tune loses a lot of its power. An interesting early version, worth hearing but not necessary.

1974 Jul-Dec: No band played this song better (sorry '82). Ruth's performance in the beginning of the song is a Percussion Wonder of the World. Frank never fails to achieve greatness when soloing, and Duke funks the hell out of his solo section. Essentially the same as the Helsinki version, with the opening segment more closely resembling the "Lost Episodes" version during the opening weeks of the tour. Thus, instead of Ruth's slow, mesmerizing solo, we get an active, fast paced, somewhat shorter solo before the segue into Frank's solo. This changed by Europe, and became the classic intro of the YCDTOSA Volume II version. Throughout the tour, there are frequent changes in the vocal part of the "We Can Build A Love" section, with my personal favorite being- in reference to Marty Perellis- "Every Holiday Inn has a kennel in the back of... except where prohibited by law."

1982: Essentially played as on YCDTOSA Volume V, with the standard deviation coming in Frank's and Tommy's solos. This is a great song to hear, but in comparison to the '74 band's performances, this year's RDNZL is quite weak. First of all, there's no Ruth. Frank obviously realizes this, as Ed does not really get the chance to attempt the opening percussion part. Instead, Frank rearranges it as a whole band exercise. Second of all, there's no George. While Tommy is in many ways a great and very interesting soloist, his style does not really fit into the solo section that is allotted to him on this song. Frank, however, is typically great throughout these performances, and saves the song from being nothing but a mere shadow of its former self. I love hearing this tune on this tour, don't get me wrong. But as Frank did with "Inca Roads" on the '79 tour, I am sure there is a way he could have excised out the keyboard solo section, and in doing so, pay respect to Duke, and prevent the song from losing its power.


  April 1973 (The Lost Episodes, Rykodisc, 1996) December 1973 (Roxy By Proxy, 2014) September 1974 (YCDTOSA2, Rykodisc, 1988) December 1974 (Studio Tan, 1978; Zappa Records, 1991) July 1982 (YCDTOSA5, Zappa Records, 1992)
Drum intro 0:00-0:02 0:00-0:00      
Cue #1 0:02-0:06 0:00-0:04 0:02-0:05    
Theme A 0:06-0:16 0:04-0:12


0:00-0:06 0:00-0:06
Theme B 0:16-0:46 (violin solo) 0:12-0:42 (trombone solo) 0:19-1:34 0:06-1:32 0:06-1:21
Cue #2 0:46-0:49 0:42-0:44 1:34-1:36 1:32-1:34 1:21-1:23
Vamp #1 (Guitar solo) 0:49-0:59 (guitar solo mixed and edited out) 0:44-2:05 1:36-5:01 2:02-4:42 1:23-4:56
Theme C 0:59-1:28 2:05-2:29 5:01-5:21 4:42-5:01 4:56-5:11
Theme D 1:28-1:46 (trombone solo) 2:29-2:44 5:21-5:33 5:01-5:12 5:11-5:21
Approximate? 1:46-2:14 2:44-3:07 5:33-5:43 5:12-5:21 5:21-5:29
"We could share a love"     5:43-6:19 5:21-5:55  
Keyboard solo 2:14-2:47 3:07-3:34 6:19-7:43 5:55-7:19 5:29-7:08
Cue #2a     7:43-7:49 7:19-7:25 7:08-7:14
Cue #2 2:47-2:49 3:34-3:36 7:49-7:52 7:25-7:27 7:14-7:16
Cue #3 (Vamp #1 variant) 2:49-2:59 3:36-3:44 7:52-8:00 7:27-7:34 7:16-7:22
Theme C (variant) 2:59-3:18 3:44-3:59 8:00-8:14 7:34-7:47 7:22-7:33
Cue #1 3:18-3:23 3:59-4:03      
Cue #4 (Cue #1 variant?)     8:14-8:18 7:47-7:50 7:33-7:36
Theme A 3:24-3:49 4:03-4:28 8:18-8:36 7:50-8:06 7:36-7:51
Finale     8:36-8:43 8:06-8:13 7:51-7:58

"Theme B" vs. violin/trombone solo

Patrick Buzby, August 26-27, 2013

3/8/74 [Kansas City, KS] and 5/1/74 [Binghamton, NY] both have Bruce Fowler soloing in the "theme B" segment.

7/15/74 [Chalmette, LA] has the band just playing the chord progression in the "theme B" segment with FZ telling the audience to imagine Ruth playing a "fantastic solo" over it.

On 7/17/74 [Phoenix, AZ] we hear Ruth playing a composed solo over the same chords where Ponty had played an improvised solo, and by the European tour the tempo slowed way down and it became "theme B."


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