Advance Romance

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1975: Essentially performed as on "Bongo Fury", with the standard deviation coming in the solos. Early in the tour, we get a Frank solo only, but as the tour lengthens, so does the solo section. Denny and Donnie eventually jump on board, on slide and harmonica, respectively, with Frank still anchoring the section with his solo. As far as the written section goes, this is probably the best version of this song. Frank's guitar is all over the place, accenting random vocals here and there, with the ridiculously out-of-control combo of Brock and Beefheart making for some excellently overdone singing. [David Lynch adds—"Advance Romance could also get pretty damn improvisational on this tour. For instance, the tape of the late show on 4/11 contained a jam on "200 Years Old" and "Sam with the Showing Scalp Flat Top".There was a lot of other madness in there that didn't make it to the album version."]

1975-76: Essentially performed as on "Bongo Fury", allowing for obvious differences in instrumentation. For the solo section, first we get to "see what she did to Andre", with Andre demonstrating his pain via his keyboards. Frank then takes his obligatory solo, before Brock concludes the tune with more overdone vocals.

1976-77: This may be the tour for this song, though it sadly only sticks around for a couple of weeks. Essentially played as it is always played, with Bianca on vocals. For the solo section, things start off oddly enough with an O'Hearn solo, which actually is quite good. Frank eventually joins in, starting nice and slow before building to a typically frenzied ending. The drummer then gets a little, before we head back into the song proper. This tune has a very loose feel to it this time out, and thus we get "In-a-gadda-da-poodle", "Any Kind of Pain", "Punky Whips", and various tomfoolery during its short, two week residency in the repertoire. If I may digress, it is during the frenzied build-up in Frank's solo that I came to the realisation that Bozzio/O'Hearn may be the best rhythm team that Frank ever had. They complement each other very well.

1982: Essentially played as on YCDTOSA Volume V, with the standard deviation coming in Frank's solo. In my opinion, this was the best guitar solo vamp that this song ever witnessed. "Jim and Tammy's Upper Room" from "Guitar" is an "Advance Romance" extract.

1984: Essentially played as on YCDTOSA Volume III, with the standard deviation coming with Frank's solo. A common vehicle for Secret Word usage.

1988: Essentially played as on MAJNH, with the standard deviation coming in Frank's solo. Note the horrible edit on MAJNH—from the opening horn riff to the vocal section. Very sloppy, Frank. (How many people think we actually needed another live version of this song?)


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