One Shot Deal

The Album

Will Romano, "Peek Inside Frank Zappa's Vaults, Part 2," Goldmine, December 31, 2008

One Shot Deal (which numbers 83 of all official Zappa releases, in case you're counting), largely pulls from Zappa's mid-'70s live material, which has never appeared on CD. "One Shot Deal was literally that," says Gail. "It was like, 'Come on, Joe. How fast can we make a record?' I think we put that together in a week . . . I heard the [guitar] solo [in 'Occam's Razor'], and I said, I have to put this out.'"

"Spring Cleaning At Zappa Family Trust Yields Indelible Cover Image For Frank Zappa's 'One Shot Deal'," Shore Fire Media, August 1, 2008

"Occam's Razor" inspired the creation of the album; Gail Zappa says, "That guitar solo that is 'Occam's Razor' cut through everything like a razorblade. That track inspired us to compile the rest of the album around it from other goodies that Vaultmeister Joe Travers had unearthed." [...]

The cardboard packaging for 'One Shot Deal' is constructed from 40% recycled fibers and a chlorine-free process. The inks are vegetable based with three time the FDA recommended level of vegetable additive to be considered "green." The trays are made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled material.


2. Space Boogers

Patrick Buzby, June 25, 2008

Space Boogers is mostly from 11-8-74(L) Passaic. Here's how it breaks down:

0:00 excerpt from 11-8-74(L) Passaic Big Swifty
0:25 studio dialogue
0:30 repeat of the same section heard at 0:00-0:25
0:55 another excerpt from 11-8-74(L) Big Swifty, eight seconds later (this is also heard on The Impossible Concert)


3. Hermitage


4. Trudgin' Across The Tundra

Joe Travers, interviewed by Howie Kittelson, Conceptual Continuity With HowieZowie, July 28, 2016

If you listen very close to the song called Trudging Across Tundra which is on One Shot Deal, that is an improvisation that happened during a concert in the Petite Wazoo time period . . . and if you listen to the bass line of that, and if you listen to the early version of Don't Eat The Yellow Snow that was released on Crux, you'll notice that it's almost the same! So the root of the bass line to the opening of Don't Eat The Yellow Snow come from an improvisational jam from the Petite Wazoo time period, which we released.


5. Occam's Razor


6. Heidelberg

The Guitar World According To Frank Zappa (1987) liner notes by FZ

1977 recorded live in concert, Heidelberg, West Germany
previously unreleased—will be included in the next guitar box set
engineer: Davey Moire
original recording medium: 4-track analog tape
musicians: Frank Zappa, lead / Tommy Mars, piano / Ed Mann, percussion / Patrick O'Hearn, bass / Terry Bozzio, drums
guitar: Custom Gibson SG

This type of solo was a nightly feature of live shows during that period. It's not the best of its kind, but I like the atmosphere and little noises from the audience. I didn't own a recording truck then, and all live concert tapes were being done on a Scully 4-track at 30 ips with Telefunken C-4D noise reduction. We were printing two stereo pairs taken ambiently with AKG stereo mics. Audible background hiss is the result of a whole stage full of amplifiers idling, combined with residual noise inherent in the recording.


TGWATFZ (1987) One Shot Deal (2008)
0:00-4:46 0:00-4:46


7. The Illinois Enema Bandit


8. Australian Yellow Snow

And then there's an 'H' which stands for
Or used to about two years ago, stand for 'homunculus'


9. Rollo



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