The Recording

Liner notes by GZ

This was recorded Live at the Memorial Auditorium on 25 October, 1980, in Buffalo, NY. [...] George [Douglas] recalls it as a particularly brutal experience—"it was snowing like crazy, the coldest place I've ever been." And that mixing from the set up onstage(!) was "pretty rugged." [...] In order to put the concert together in its entirety we (UMRK) went "warts 'n all" style with the 3 sources that George had available to cover the show: 2" 24 Track Machine / 1" 8-Track Machine / one cassette board tape.


disc 2

5. I'm So Cute

Vinnie C
Is really neat
Watch the way he eat the beat
[Vinnie's drum scat]

Glenn Leonard, July 7, 2010

those are tabla bols. when a tabla student first learns rhythm, he has to "say" them first before playing them.


6. Andy

Gwonam, "Official Live Releases With Edits," Zappateers, December 20, 2023

Andy (some post-song chatter is missing, probably due to a tape flip)


9. The "Real World" Thematic Extrapolations

And she's putting on Black Sabbath albums in the background.



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