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  0:00-0:05   (Horse neighs)    
0:00-0:19 0:05-0:24 0:00-0:19   Rock Band Theme #1  
0:19-0:57 0:24-1:02 0:19-0:59 Satan: Oh, Yes. This is the place where a simple, average, American family lives. Orchestral Theme #1—Overture  
  1:02-1:12 0:59-1:13 Satan: There's Clarence, my boy. Just like any other male—the only difference is, (horse neighs) he wants to be God (dog barks). And that's coming right out of the horse's mouth. (horse neighs)


  1:12-1:27   Satan: There's Edna, his loving wife, and her brood, following Clarence to the very end—she has no choice. Alonzo, the gardener, Clarence's faithful friend, astute in the art of picking weeds.


1:32-2:01 1:27-1:57 1:13-1:45 Satan: They all want to get into the act. Including myself. Oh, boy, that Clarence, my greatest possibility since the apple incident.

Orchestral Theme #2

Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown (Burnt Weeny Sandwich (1970) version, 01:47)
2:01-2:08 1:57-2:02 1:45-1:53 Satan: Don't let me down Clarence, don't let me down, boy, whatever you do!    
2:40-3:04     Edna: [...]
Clarence: [...]
Orchestral Theme #3 Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown (Burnt Weeny Sandwich (1970) version, 00:46)
7:43-8:48   1:53-3:02 Clarence: . . . How are you tonight, Rex? Ah! They didn't take care of you, did they? Ok. I wanna stay with you, Rex, you're so sweet, nobody wants to listen to me, but you will . . . Boy, ah . . . hh-hhh . . . You understand me prob'ly, Rex, more than the other people understand me. Now don't you go to sleep on me, Rex. Your master's gonna be somebody. I'm gonna make people live long, I'm gonna put something into life, I'm gonna make life be eternal. I'm gonna do it, Rex. I know you're not laughing at me. I know you won't laugh at me, Rex . . . Someday people will never die.

Orchestral Theme #3

Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown (Burnt Weeny Sandwich (1970) version, 0:46)
9:09-9:26     Clarence: I have a plan. A plan that nobody else has ever heard before. A plan that's gonna make me a GOD. Orchestral Theme #4  
10:15-12:05   3:02-5:22   Rock Band Theme #2—Rock Concert  
13:00-13:05 2:03-2:08   Satan: Now, go, Clarence, go, go, go!    
13:05-13:47       Unidentified Blues Piece  
16:32-17:04       Orchestral Theme #3 Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown (Burnt Weeny Sandwich (1970) version, 0:46)
18:57-18:59 2:02-2:03   Clarence: C'mon, followers!


18:59-19:33 2:08-2:44  

Clarence: My name is God Hilliard! Follow me . . .

Orchestral Theme #5—Fanfare  
19:33-19:40 2:44-2:50  

Clarence: . . . to every nook and corner of the United States!

24:25-26:21     Clarence: Please! Please! Please! Please! Rock Band Theme #3  
29:08-29:10 2:50-2:52  

Satan: God, listen to them!

29:10-29:30 2:52-3:13  

Satan: It's fantastic! The best seat in my household is reserved for you, but you must keep up this high score. A representative will call on you to insure your greatest hour yet to come. In other words, Clarence, go to Hell!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Rock Band Theme #4—With Orchestra

33:31-34:06     [...]

Orchestral Theme #3

Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown (Burnt Weeny Sandwich (1970) version, 00:46)
34:06-36:04     [...] Rock Band Theme #3  
40:59-41:12   5:22-5:32

Edna: Why don't we live the way we used to, Clarence?

Orchestral Theme #6—Love Theme  
42:12-42:38 3:21-3:47 5:32-6:00

Girl: God . . . I love you . . . hhh . . .

Orchestral Theme #6—Love Theme

43:05-43:42       Orchestral Theme #7—Fanfare  
44:19-45:16 3:47-4:47 5:59-6:57 Clarence: I don't wanna go to— Orchestral Theme #8—Slow Theme including Lumpy Gravy Part One 1:38
50:18-50:33     : You must understand, God, you have to convince the people that you're not an atheist [...] Orchestral Theme #3—Variant  
50:34-50:59     [...] Orchestral Theme #9  
52:59-53:55     [...] Orchestral Theme #10  
59:09-59:18 3:13-3:21     Orchestra Hit & Drum Roll  
59:51-60:24       Mars (Holst)  
61:46-62:22       "O Tannenbaum" (Trad.)  
64:55-67:08 4:47-7:00 6:57-9:13   Orchestral Theme #11  
70:39-73:26 7:00-9:48 9:13-12:06   Orchestral Theme #12 ("Blood Unit") including parts of Dog Breath, In The Year Of The Plague (Uncle Meat (1969) version, 2:30) and Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown (Burnt Weeny Sandwich (1970) version, 01:11)
73:26-73:29   12:06-12:09 Clarence: Oh, my God!    
73:29-73:40 9:48- 9:59 12:09-12:20   Orchestral Chord  
?   12:21-12:31   Orchestral Theme #13—Closing Credits (Part 1) (note: these ten seconds missing on some copies of the movie.)
73:40-75:37 9:59-11:55 12:31-14:30   Orchestral Theme #13 (including Themes #3 & #8)—Closing Credits (Part 2) including Lumpy Gravy Part One 1:38 and 13:09; Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown (Burnt Weeny Sandwich (1970) version, 0:46)

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