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Mike Keneally, Facebook, February 25, 2021

The main new pieces on the [hologram] tour were "#2" (that was a handwritten FZ composition we found in a box), which appears to date from the early '80s and has a couple of bars of music in common with "Drowning Witch," and another one with the strange title "Piano Transcription Van Morrison <phone number>" (I'm not listing the phone number here in case it's still in use, 40-ish years later), which was a printed out score of some music Frank had written - I don't know the origin of the piano that was transcribed, or why Van Morrison's name and phone number were part of the title. I'm assuming it was written around the time that Van was doing vocals on the unreleased version of L. Shankar's "Dead Girls of London," and somehow his info leaked into the title.......both the pieces are really beautiful and it was an honor to play them. For those two pieces we had some electronic pre-recorded orchestration that we played along with on the tour - "Van Morrison" is orchestral in nature and has a lot of scored parts, we needed the extra instrumentation to play it, but "#2" (which was just a lead sheet on the handwritten FZ pages we found, a melody with chord names written on top of it), is really suitable for performance by small ensemble, and we played it with The Zappa Band at the Baked Potato shows in early 2020. If, by some beautiful, remarkable chance, the planned King Crimson/Zappa Band tour actually takes place this year, we'll bust out "#2" again then.



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