disc 1

1. "Someone Has Just Asked Me . . . "

Mikael Sillman, July 7, 2022

On Erie, disk 1, when Frank is introducing the band (and George), George Duke plays a quote from Billy Cobham's "Stratus". Also on disk 1 "Dupree's Paradise" George quotes "Stratus" again.


2. Cosmik Debris

We must be very close to New Jersey here. "T-shirts!" "Youse guys stink!"

Charles Ulrich, July 5, 2022

FZ is alluding to two different shows here. "T-shirts!" comes from 72/10/31 (late) Passaic (in New Jersey), when FZ mocked a t-shirt vendor and revised the lyrics to "Montana". "Youse guys stink!" comes from 69/03/01 Westbury (on Long Island, New York). See "Oh No" in the YCDTOSA 1 booklet.


3. Pygmy Twylyte


4. The Idiot Bastard Son


5. Cheepnis


6. Inca Roads


7. Montana


8. Dupree's Paradise (Intro)


disc 2

1. Dupree's Paradise


2. It Can't Happen Here


3. Hungry Freaks, Daddy


4. You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here


5. How Could I Be Such A Fool


6. I Ain't Got No Heart


7. I'm Not Satisfied


8. Wowie Zowie


9. Let's Make The Water Turn Black


10. Harry, You're A Beast


11. The Orange County Lumber Truck


12. Oh No


13. Son Of Orange County


14. More Trouble Every Day


15. Camarillo Brillo

Johnny Busher, September 27, 2023

Someone pointed out to me that the very end of "Camarillo Brillo" on Disc 2 of the Erie box set doesn't match the bootleg, presumably because the master reel ran out.

I have positively identified it as the end of the same song from 5/12/74 South Bend.

The timing is from 4:52-5:22 on the box and 4:38-5:08 on the corresponding tracker bootleg.


disc 3

1. Montana

Liner notes

2-Track Stereo Mix by Frank Zappa
with Kerry McNabb
Paramount Studios, 1975

Sources & Edits

South Bend, IN, May 12, 1974 Zappa/Erie (2022)
9. Montana 3.01. Montana
0:02-1:54 0:00-1:51
2:15-3:53 1:51-3:28
4:04-6:37 3:28-6:00
6:48-6:59 6:00-6:11


2. Get Down

Liner notes

2-Track Stereo Mix by Frank Zappa
with Kerry McNabb
Paramount Studios, 1975

Sources & Edits

South Bend, IN, May 12, 1974 Zappa/Erie (2022)
10. Dupree's Paradise Part 1 3.02. Get Down
0:00-6:41 0:00-6:38

Look at that broad play!
[...] That broad is funky.

Charles Ulrich, July 6, 2022

Was Jeff Simmons cavorting with a blow-up sex doll?

Barbara Charone, "Mother's Day Memories," New Musical Express, May 25, 1974

Frank Zappa celebrated the 10th anniversary of his Mothers of invention by stopping off in Chicago for a very special show. After all it was Mothers' Day, so why not bring out the plastic inflatable lady and really get it on?

Simmons . . . Wait a minute, don't tell me that's your hurt tonight!

Pat Buzby, July 7, 2022

I suppose [this] has to do with the "if Simmons was here.." line in "Tryin' To Grow A Chin."

Don't get any ideas. This belongs to Don.

Pat Buzby, July 6, 2022

On 5/11/75 at the International Amphitheatre in Chicago during "Velvet Sunrise," FZ mentions an incident with Don Preston and an inflatable doll a year earlier at the Auditorium Theater. [...] FZ says Preston bought the doll at an unnamed joke store in Chicago.


Additional informant: Javier Marcote.

3. Tush Tush Tush (A Token Of My Extreme)


4. Stink-Foot




6. Village Of The Sun


7. Echidna's Arf (Of You)


8. Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?


9. Penguin In Bondage


10. T'Mershi Duween


11. The Dog Breath Variations


12. Uncle Meat


13. Building A Girl


14. Dinah-Moe Humm


disc 4

1. I'm Not Satisfied


2. Montana


3. Dupree's Paradise (Intro)


4. Dupree's Paradise


5. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow


6. Tush Tush Tush (End Vamp)


7. Oh No


8. Son Of Orange County


9. More Trouble Every Day


disc 5

1. The Purple Lagoon


2. Stink-Foot


3. The Poodle Lecture


4. Dirty Love


5. Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station


6. Tryin' To Grow A Chin


7. The Torture Never Stops


8. City Of Tiny Lites


9. Pound For A Brown


10. You Didn't Try To Call Me


11. Rudy Wants To Buy Yez A Drink


12. Would You Go All The Way?


disc 6

1. Black Napkins

Charles Ulrich, August 22, 2022

Does Bianca quote The Summer Knows (theme from Summer Of '42) in her Black Napkins solo in Erie? (I'm thinking of the four notes after Patrick says "Nice". "your sportcoat too" has a similar contour and rhythm and may have given her the idea.)

Patrick Buzby, August 23, 2022

It does sound likely to me that Bianca quoted "The Summer Knows" in Erie.


2. Terry's Erie '76 Solo


3. Patrick's Erie '76 Solo


4. Wonderful Wino


5. The Purple Lagoon (Outro)


6. Stranded In The Jungle


7. Dinah-Moe Humm


8. The Purple Lagoon (Outro)


9. Camarillo Brillo


10. Muffin Man


11. The Purple Lagoon (Outro)


12. You Didn't Try To Call Me


13. Black Napkins


14. The Purple Lagoon (Outro)



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