The Cover Art

Eric White, interviewed by Manuel Bello, Fecal Face, January 21, 2008

I was working on this little book when Frank [Zappa] was still alive and I had decided to dedicate the book in part to him. I knew he was ill, but I didn't realize how sick he really was. The plan was to send him a copy of the book when it was released. Unfortunately he died before the book was published. I was always really sad to have missed meeting him and thanking him for his work. When I was about to have my first show at La Luz in Los Angeles I wrote Gail a letter. I really put a lot into the thing, and it took me about a week to write. I mailed it and literally forgot about it. Then a few weeks later I am at my opening at La Luz, and there isn't a soul there but my mom and brother and a few other friends. My first solo show, nobody knew who the hell I was. About halfway through the opening I look over and see someone that looks like Gail Zappa might look. But I couldn't imagine she would have come. Then I look again and maybe see Dweezil? I didn't think it was possible. But sure enough, it was them, so I went over and introduced myself. I just couldn't believe that they had come. And then she bought a painting for $4000 dollars, which at the time seemed like a huge amount of money. If that weren't enough, she invited me to the house. My brother and I went the next day and met the whole family, who were all really great. Frank has been such a huge inspiration to me, and it was really incredible to be inside his world. Gail and I are friends to this day.


The Sources

Jon Naurin, affz, October 25, 1999

For those of you who are interested, all of the tracks on Trance-Fusion have now been identified:

  1. Chunga's Revenge (London, 4/19/88, w/Dweezil)
  2. Bowling On Charen ("Wild Love" solo, NYC, 10/28/77 #1)
  3. Good Lobna ("Cleveland" solo, Memphis 12/4/84)
  4. Cold Dark Matter ("Inca Roads" solo from Allentown, 3/19/88)
  5. Butter Or Canons ("Cleveland" solo from NYC, 8/25/84)
  6. Ask Dr. Stupid ("Easy Meat" solo from Eppelheim, 3/21/79)
  7. Scratch & Sniff ("City of Tiny Lights" solo from Brighton 4/16/88)
  8. Trance-Fusion ("Marqueson's Chicken" solo from Stuttgart, 5/24/88)
  9. Gorgo ("Torture" solo from Stockholm, 5/1/88)
  10. Diplodocus ("King Kong" solo from Providence, 10/26/84)
  11. Soul Polka ("Oh No" solo from Allentown, 3/19/88)
  12. For Giuseppe Franco ("Hot Plate Heaven" solo from Seattle 12/17/84 #2)
  13. After Dinner Smoker (another "Torture" solo from Genoa, 6/9/88)
  14. Light Is All That Matters ("Cleveland" solo(s) from Seattle, 12/17/84 #2)
  15. Finding Higgs' Boson ("Hot Plate Heaven" solo from Vienna, 5/8/88)
  16. Bavarian Sunset (post-"Walrus" jam from Munich, 05/09/88, w/Dweezil)
Liner notes (2006)

1. Chunga's Revenge 7:01
19 APRIL 88 London, England

2. Bowling On Charen 5:03
28 OCTOBER 77 New York City NY

3. Good Lobna 1:39
4 DECEMBER 84 Memphis TN

4. A Cold Dark Matter 3:31
19 MARCH 88 Allentown PA

5. Butter Or Cannons 3:24
25 AUGUST 84 New York City NY

6. Ask Dr. Stupid 3:20
21 MARCH 79 Eppelheim, Germany

7. Scratch & Sniff 3:56
16 APRIL 88 Brighton, England

8. Trance-Fusion 4:29
24 MAY 88 Stuttgart, Germany

9. Gorgo 2:41
1 MAY 88 Stockholm, Sweden

10. Dipolodocus 3:22
26 OCTOBER 84 Providence RI

11. Soul Polka 3:17
19 MARCH 88 Allentown PA

12. For Giuseppe Franco 3:48
17 DECEMBER 84 Seattle WA

13. After Dinner Smoker 4:45
9 JUNE 88 Genova, Italy

14. Light Is All That Matters 3:46
17 DECEMBER 84 Seattle WA

15. Finding Higgs' Boson 3:41
8 MAY 88 Wein, Austria

16. Bavarian Sunset 4:00
9 MAY 88 Munich, Germany


Recording Engineers:
1977—Kerry McNabb
1979—Mick Glossop
1984—Mark Pinske
1988—Bob Stone
1993—UMRK Remix Engineer: Spence Chrislu

Mastered 23 May 2005 by Bob Ludwig


The Titles

U.S. Copyright Office, August 26, 1994
Trance-Fusion promo cassette J-Card insert (courtesy of John Scialli & Bill Lantz)

Trance-Fusion Jcard

The original 1994 cassette, thanks to PBA



Release History

Matthew Turk, January 13, 2000

Ok. Last week I called 818-Pumpkin about an unrelated question, and I asked also when Trance Fusion was being released. I was told, quite bluntly, "Trance Fusion is not being released."

Mark Mott, June 2, 2000

I ordered from Barfko-Swill last week (and got EIHN). When I talked to B.J., she was unaware that was repointed to But she did tell me that ZFT did withhold Trance-Fusion from Ryko (back to the lab) and that is why EIHN came out at Xmas instead.

Joachim Ott, December 26, 2000

Now look at the html-source of that page. ( In the keywords, they didn't mention "Freak Out" and "Absolutely Free" and "Lther". Otoh, there is "Dance Me This", "Trance-Fusion", "The Rage And The Fury".


FAQ section,, 2003

Trance-Fusion, CD—Fall 2003.

Record Collector, February 2004

The Zappa Family Trust plans to issue several archive audio and video recordings by Frank Zappa later this year, overseen by Frank's wife, Gail, and his son, Dweezil Zappa. A documentary film about Zappa's classical music, directed by Frank Scheffer, should emerge by Christmas. Remastered reissues of the Dance Me This and Trance-Fusion albums are planned too, along with two films and their soundtracks. One is about one of Zappa's inspirations, Edgard Varese, and the other a revamp of the 1974 in-concert film, Roxy And Elsewhere.

Original ZPZ Tour Announcement, May 23, 2005

Expect the Unexpected! Expect the long-anticipated release of Frank Zappa's TRANCE-FUSION. Coincidence? Uh uh! Guitar fans welcome!

CD Universe, September 14, 2006

Trans Fusion CD
Frank Zappa
Scheduled to release October 24, 2006
Label: WEA

CD Universe, c. September 19, 2006

Trans Fusion CD
Frank Zappa
Scheduled to release October 24, 2006
Label: Rykodisc distribution

CD Universe, October 20, 2006

Trance-Fusion CD
Frank Zappa
Scheduled to release Tuesday, November 7, 2006
Label: Zappa Records (USA)

Rykodisc Distribution

Zappa, Frank

Trance-Fusion is the name of an album of guitar solos completed by Frank Zappa shortly before his death, but not released until 2006. The album had previously been announced for release in 2003, and again announced in 2005 in relation to the Zappa Plays Zappa tour. It had previously been only available through bootlegs.

Trance-Fusion (Release Date: 10\24\2006)

E-mail from, October 25, 2006

So you know Trance-Fusion is out at long (fill in the blank) last.

News at, October 28, 2006

31 October
We hope to see you at the Halloween Show!

And should you need to Go With What You Know, or if you need an I.D., or a Trance-Fusion or a copy of the Monstrous Memoirs of A Mighty McFearless—they will be available before ZAPPA Plays ZAPPA starts at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. If you are lucky you can even get the Memoirs signed, in person by the Author his very self, Ahmet Zappa. When the doors open he will be signing books and drawing monsters—to him and for you (if you ask nice.)

Dingbat Charlie, November 1, 2006

I have "Trance-Fusion" in my hand right now.

They were selling it at the NYC ZPZ show.

November 4, 2006: Trance-Fusion starts shipping.

1. Chunga's Revenge

Mike Keneally, "April 21 1988," 1988 Was A Million Years Ago

The audience at this Wembley second show was really responsive, really happening, and really enjoying themselves a lot. Encore One was "Joe's Garage" and "Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?," and the second encore was "Chunga's Revenge" featuring Dweezil, who did a wonderful job, and "Bolero." And after the show I was talking to Dweezil in his little room backstage and Frank came in and gave Dweezil a big hug and told him that he was a musician now, boy, because he uh, it was the most demanding backing that he had ever had to play a solo over. At least with Frank and he pulled it off real well. Frank said it was great. It was a nice moment.


2. Bowling On Charen

aka "The Squirm"

Bossk (R)

"The Squirm" is an unreleased guitar solo. It was recorded at the Palladium in New York on Halloween 1977—the same concert that BABY SNAKES is taken from. The title "The Squirm" was probably first used on a bootleg LP called ZURKON MUSIC (ZX 3659).

Charen or Charon?

Martin Gregorie

Charon is Pluto's only moon. In Greek mythology Pluto was the god of the underworld and Charon was the boatman who ferried the souls of the dead across the river Styx to his domain. I'd bet FZ was well aware of both connections.

Charles Ulrich, September 29, 2006

Charon is not Pluto's only moon. Two more, Nix and Hydra, were discovered in 2005.

Also, Pluto and Charon are arguably double dwarf planets rather than dwarf planet and moon.

Sources & Edits

"Wild Love" (October 28, 1977, early show) Halloween 77 (2017) King Biscuit Flower Hour (1978) "Bowling On Charen" Trance-Fusion (2006)
14:25-14:31 0:00-0:06  
14:31-14:46 0:06-0:21 0:00-0:15
14:46-15:14   0:15-0:43
15:14-15:35 0:21-0:41 0:43-1:04
16:18-17:07 0:41-1:31 1:04-1:53
17:07-17:21 1:31-1:45  
17:21-18:17 1:45-2:41 1:53-2:49
18:17-18:59 2:41-3:23  
18:59-20:08 3:23-4:32 2:49-3:59
20:08-20:38 4:32-5:02  
20:38-21:43 5:02-6:07 3:59-5:04

Additional informant: Patrick Buzby.

3. Good Lobna


I think this title was part of a line in the Simpson's episode where Bart falls in love with this "bad" girl. They are eating some food and dipping it in this sauce called lobna when Bart makes a comment about "good lobna". I wonder when the title of the song was given. We'd have to ask Matt Groening.

Charles Ulrich, July 29, 2004

The Simpsons, episode 9F06 "The New Kid On The Block", written by Conan O'Brien. Bart has a crush on the new neighbor, Laura (played by Sara Gilbert). When Laura baby-sits Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, she orders dinner from Two Guys From Kabul.

Laura: You take your kafta bi sanya and dip it in the labna.

Bart: Now that is good labna.

The closed captions spell both "kafta" and "labna" with As. Web searches suggest that the first is commonly spelled either kafta or kofta, while the latter is usually spelled labna.

Kafta/kofta are meatballs or dumplings. Labna is yoghurt cheese. Both are general Middle-Eastern, not specifically Afghan.

According to Mike Keneally (affz, 2/14/96), "Frank was absolutely referring to the Simpsons episode."


4. A Cold Dark Matter




5. Butter Or Cannons


6. Ask Dr. Stupid

Patrick Neve

Another cartoon reference.. this one was the title of an episode of Ren & Stimpy. Frank provided voices for another episode.. see the entry in the Videography FAQ.

Sources & Edits

"Easy Meat" Eppelheim, March 21, 1979 "Ask Dr. Stupid" Trance-Fusion (2006)
2:00-4:47 0:00-2:47
7:02-7:35 2:47-3:20


7. Scratch & Sniff


8. Trance-Fusion


9. Gorgo

Isaac Baranoff, June 8, 2003

"Gorgo" is the name of a bad movie made in 1961. The film has something to do with a giant monster (An American "Godzilla") trashing some city, looking for it's offspring, a walking sea monster named Gorgo. The film aired as part of an "Mystery Science Theater 3000" episode in 1998.

Charles Ulrich, July 29, 2004

Gorgo, short for Gorgonzola, was the name of FZ's cat. It can be seen on the back cover of Russo's book Cosmik Debris.

Uwe Krüger

How come that it says FZ had no tapes from the scandinavian part of the 88 tour (because the recording truck broke) and could use the torture solo from Stockholm 88 for trance-fusion.

Jon Naurin

As Pat Buzby wrote in another thread, it was only the Oslo and Helsinki concerts (Apr. 27 & 29) that were affected. The truck broke in Malmö, Sweden, right after the Lund concert on Apr. 26 and fixed in time for Stockholm, May 1.


10. Diplodocus


11. Soul Polka


12. For Giuseppe Franco

Jon Naurin, affz, October 25, 1999

"Hot Plate Heaven" solo from Seattle 12/17/84 #2)

Uwe Krüger

For Giuseppe Franco should be from cleveland not from hot plate heaven.

Jon Naurin

Quite possible.


I really think that this solo is from "hotel"...Scott's bass part certainly is very similar to what he plays on "hotel" in "Does Humor Belong in Music"(and many concert tapes I have from '84)...I have many versions of "cleveland" from '84...none of the solo sections have this bass structure....IMHO...

Charles Ulrich, September 29, 2006

This Trance-Fusion track is dedicated to FZ's hairdresser.

Go to <> and click on "Clients".


13. After Dinner Smoker


14. Light Is All That Matters

Jon Naurin, affz, October 25, 1999

"Cleveland" solo(s) from Seattle, 12/17/84 #2)

Uwe Krüger

Light is all that matters cleveland solo from 8.5.88 Vienna (not 84!)

Jon Naurin

I believe Light Is All That Matters includes what sounds like two solos, over two different loops (one faster and one slower, the second serving as a nice bridge to the next track), and I think I once identified them as coming from Let's Move To Cleveland, Seattle 12/17/84 #1 (can't find that tape right now—damn!). There's no question that both solos (i.e the entire Light Is All That Matters, if I'm right) are from 1984, though.


15. Finding Higgs' Boson

Bernd Stelzer, The Higgs Boson—A One Page Explanation!

In 1993, the UK Science Minister, William Waldegrave, challenged physicists to produce an answer that would fit on one page to the question 'What is the Higgs boson, and why do we want to find it?'

Here are the winning entries!

Higgs boson, Wikipedia, March 18, 2011

The Higgs boson is a hypothetical massive elementary particle predicted to exist by the Standard Model of particle physics. The existence of the particle is postulated as a means of resolving inconsistencies in current theoretical physics, and attempts are being made to confirm the existence of the particle by experimentation, using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN and the Tevatron at Fermilab. [...]

FZ, Them Or Us (The Book), p. 64

"You got ANY IDEA what they're doin' in there? THEY'RE MESSIN' WITH SUB-ATOMIC PARTICLES! They shoot 'em down that long tunnel, then they SMASH 'em up and they MASH 'em up, they poke around in the DE-BRIS, then they mess up the 'WHATEVER-IT-IS' they got left over."


16. Bavarian Sunset



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