Road Tapes, Venue #2


Liner notes by GZ

According to Joe, this may very well be the first time Kerry McNabb ventured out there with FZ, having been assigned not only to mix the front of house AND stage monitor systems, but also to run tape, capturing the performances of this amazing Mothers line-up. [...] Joe found 2 tk and 4 tk recordings—quarter-inch, half-inch, and one-inch tape. The record speed of the tapes is inconsistent, some recorded at 15 ips and others at 7 1/2 ips. The slower speed sacrifices fidelity but allows for the capture of a complete show without dealing with reel changes [...].

"These Helsinki tapes, interestingly enough, were found on both formats with only one tape machine used to record three shows over two days at Finlandia Hall—Show One and most of Show Two on 2 track stereo tapes while the rest of Show Two and all of Show Three on four-track tapes, configured with a 2 channel stereo mix and two channels of audience microphones," says Joe.

FZ, interviewed by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, August 25, 1973

The guy who's mixing it all for us is [Kerry McNabb], who engineered our last six albums. We finally got him out on the road. He's the third mixer this band has had.


disc 1

11. Your Teeth And Your Shoulders And Sometimes Your Foot Goes Like This . . . /Pojama Prelude

The following program is being brought to you by the Steve Desper Bathrobe Foundation . . .

A cozy little footie on your mind

rupert pupkin, Zappateers, November 12, 2013

Do you think that Frank is quoting Peter Sellers (as the U.S President in Kubrick's Doctor Strangelove) when he says the "little funny in the mind" line . . . ? (sounded really like a Peter Sellers imitation to me . . . )


12. Dupree's Paradise

Jean-Luc Ponty, Jazz Magazine/Jazzman #658, February 2014 (via cosmikd, Zappateers, February 15, 2014)

Ces enregistrements témoignent de la complicité musicale que j'avais avec George Duke [...]. Pour ne citer qu'un exemple, la façon dont il me suit pendant mon improvisation dans "Dupree's Paradise" me sidère encore aujourd'hui. Il joue très rythmique quand je le suis, ou soulignant en écho quelques notes d'un passage où je suis plus mélodique, ou me suivant dans quelques escapades carrément "free".

Translation (by cosmikd):

These recordings reflect the musical complicity that I had with George Duke [...]. To cite just one example, how he follows me during my improvisation in Dupree's Paradise amazes me today. He plays very rhythmic when I'm in, or echoing some notes of a moment where I am more melodic, or following me in some escapades very "free."

Steve Giacomelli, May 28, 2023

On Road Tapes, Venue #2 (2013), it seems that FZ is playing the first three notes of the melody of Once Upon a Dream (from Disney Sleeping Beauty, adapted from Tchaikovsky) at the beginning of his Dupree's Paradise solo at 8:30 and repeating at 8:39.


13. All Skate/Dun-Dun-Dun (The Finnish Hit Single)

rupert pupkin, Zappateers, November 12, 2013

It seems that George Duke is quoting Forbidden Planet [...]. I don't have the soundtrack but I've rewatched the movie 2 weeks ago on blu-ray and it sounds like it's "Robby the Robot"'s theme . . .

yetanother, Zappateers, November 28, 2013

I just realized that the 'dun-dun-dun' motif happens to be very characteristic of one passage in part II of the Rite... is it "evocation of the ancestors"?


disc 2

5. Farther O'Blivion

Because it's like the CANYONS OF YOUR MIND.



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