Little Dots

1. Cosmik Debris

Liner notes

1. Cosmik Debris 5:40 © 1974
WASHINGTON, D.C., 11.11.72 (SHOW 1)

"Grand and Petit Wazoo," FZShow, v. 7.1

1972 11 11—D.A.R. Constitution Hall, Washington, DC
These shows are also known as 1972 12 31. There is some confusion about the exact set-lists of early and late shows, but the following should be correct (but Joe Travers lists Cosmik Debris as being from "show 1").
Early show
70 min, Aud, B
intros, Montana, America Drinks, Rollo, Seven / Boogie [parts on D.C. Boogie, ID, other parts on Trudgin' Across The Tundra, OSD], Duke Of Prunes
Late show
100 min, Aud, B
I'm Not Satisfied, Farther Oblivion, Cosmik Debris [LD], Little Dots, Caravan (with a drum solo) / When The Saints Go Marching In, Imaginary Diseases, Chunga's Revenge, Don't You Ever Wash That Thing


4. Rollo

Liner notes

3. Rollo 9:04 ©2005/2016
Includes: Rollo/
The Rollo Interior Area/
Rollo Goes Out

The Single Version, 2017

Liner notes

Rollo 9:06 ©2004/2016 (P) 2016
Includes: Rollo/ The Rollo Interior Area/ Rollo Goes Out

Recorded Live in Kansas City, MO 12.2.72/Unknown
Mixed by Frank Zappa at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen circa early '80s

Pittylabelle, Zappateers, April 26, 2017

Our current findings around the different officially released Rollo versions from 1972 Kansas City & Elsewhere:

RSD 2017: entire track is from 1972 12 02 (Early) Kansas City.

Little Dots: 0:00-3:04 portion is from 1972 12 02 (Early) Kansas City. Anything from 3:04 onwards (long sustained chord with bass solo, leading into Tony Duran solo) is from neither of the Kansas City shows, therefore to be labeled "from unknown venue and date".

As far as we can tell, no portion from the 1972 12 02 (Late) Kansas City show has been included in the RSD or in the Little Dots release.



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