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The Original Project

Spence Chrislu, affz (quoted at The Zappa Patio)

All of this stuff was done in spurts and stops. When this project started, it started as a proposal for Disney (believe it or not), then mutated into proposed animated project with Klasky/Csupo (neither of which ever got off the ground). You have to remember that we never worked on one thing in any sort of a linear fashion.


The Cover Art

"Ralph Steadman Cartoons from 'Born Under A Bad Sign'," DVD Extras, All My Loving, Isolde Films/Voiceprint, 2007

Ralph Steadman

Román, January 24, 2008

It appeared originally in the book Born Under A Bad Sign by Tony Palmer, illustrations by Ralph Steadman, foreword by John Lennon (William Kimber, London, April, 1970).

Neil Slaven, Electric Don Quixote—The Definitive Story Of Frank Zappa, 2003, p. 163

[Tony Palmer had] also written Born Under A Bad Sign, a slim volume with collage illustrations by Ralph Steadman and a foreword by John Lennon. It was Palmer's personal view of pop music in which he included interviews with various music personalities, including Frank. In his preface, Palmer wrote, "I do not know whether pop music is good or bad and I'm not concerned with its musical stature or social significance. Such conclusions as might become evident in the course of the book, therefore, are yours and not mine."


11. Dinah-Moe Humm (reconstructed & remixed)



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