Halloween 77

The Palladium, NYC—October 29, 1977—Show 1

1. 10-29-77 Show 1 Start/Introductions

No, we do not play "Suzy Creamcheese"

Bob. Phil. Dick.


7. Bobby Brown Goes Down

Why, it's almost like Alvin Lee's watermelon, only perverted.

Alvin Lee, Woodstock, 1969
Alvin Lee, interviewed by Shawn Perry, Vintage Rock, 2012

I was watching the Blu-ray last night and relived your Woodstock performance. And when you're done, you pick up a watermelon. Where on earth did that watermelon come from?

It just sort of rolled on. I didn't see where it came from. It just rolled onto the stage. I don't know why or what was going through my mind. I just casually threw my guitar into the drum kit and picked up this watermelon (laughs). At all the gigs after the movie came out—we were playing big festivals and stuff like that—and (during) the last number, about 200 watermelons were all bobbing away in the audience. And by the end of the last number, the whole stage is covered in watermelon (laughs).


17. Audience Participation #3

Just pretend it was a Slade concert


19. Jones Crusher


20. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes


21. Punky's Whips



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