Beat The Boots Series


From BTB II: Swiss Cheese/Fire!

Tu veux un coup de main? Tiens. Do you want a hand? Here.
Tu peux m'aider, vite? Can you help me, fast?

Tu prendras ça aussi.

You will also take this.
J'crois que c'est tout, hein. I think we have everything, do we?
Oh, et la chemise, ici, regarde là. Oh, and the shirt, here, look.
Doucement, pas de panique! Gently, don't panic!
Doucement! Gently!
Wie isch das passiert? How did this happen?
He, weiss nit. Well, no idea.
Hesch alles? Do you have everything?
Ja, hey, gib mer . . . Kasch mer schnäll s'Hemmli drüber schiesse? Yes, give me . . . Can you pass me the shirt very quickly?
Das da? This one?
Ja. Yes.
Gotverdammi. God dammit.
Gahts? Everything OK?
Gang führe. Go forward.
Also ich ha jetzt gmeint es seig en Zappa Witz! And I thought it was a Zappa joke!
Jaja. Yes, yes.
Hé, on reste ensemble. Hey, let's stick together.
On va un p'tit peu vers là-bas . . . Let's go a little bit over there . . .
Ja chum, da isch eigentlich no sys Züg. Hey, his stuff is still there.
Hein, on va un p'tit peu vers là-bas. Hey, let's go a little bit over there.
'Faut absolument qu'je range mes microphones, j'peux plus marcher. I absolutely have to put away my microphones, I can't walk anymore.

Transcription and translation by Cédric Wehrle

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