KABC, Los Angeles, CA
November 26, 1977


CA: They paid half of it?

FZ: They didn't pay any of it.

CA: I see.

FZ: You know, I made a unilateral delivery. "Here you guys go. Here are the master tapes to four albums. I don't owe you guys any more product, you don't want me on your label anyway, so just take this stuff and I'm gonna go away. And then the contract would expire December 31 of this year.

CA: Yeah.

FZ: The points in the contract were that they pay on delivery and then they have six weeks from the time of the delivery to release the tapes. Well, they did not pay, they did not release the tapes, and they did not pay me any of my back royalties. And so I said, "All right, I'm getting a lawyer, you guys are in breach." And I notified them the breach of contract and proceeded to—

CA: Is there a lawsuit going on now?

FZ: Oh, yeah. There's—

CA: It hasn't been resolved though?

FZ: Oh, no. Because of the way the law works in California, civil suits take three to five years just to get into the court.



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