Berkeley Symphony Orchestra

A Zappa Affair


Composer and Scenarist . . . . . Frank Zappa
Music Director and Conductor . . . . . Kent Nagano
Production Designed and Executed by . . . . . San Francisco Miniature Theatre
John C. Gilkerson, Artistic Director
Choreography . . . . . Tandy Beal and Joan Lazarus
Performance Staging . . . . . John C. Gilkerson
Lighting . . . . . Evan Parker
Production Stage Manager . . . . . Lance James
Project Development and Promotion . . . . . Stephanie Zimmerman
Graphic Design . . . . . L.H. McCargar, Illustration and Design
Original Idea for A Zappa Affair conceived by . . . . . Stephanie Zimmerman/
John C. Gilkerson
Promotion and Funding Assistance by . . . . . Margaret Burwell
Executive Producer . . . . . Stephanie Zimmerman

The Berkeley Symphony Orchestra would like to express its sincere appreciation to the L.J. and Mary C. Skaggs Foundation for providing a generous grant towards the production of A ZAPPA AFFAIR. The Foundation and its program director, Jillian Sandrock, continue to be among the forerunners in the support of innovative and exciting programming for the arts.




U.S. premiere at Zellerbach Auditorium,
Berkeley, California on June 15, 1984.

World premiere (music only) at The Barbican,
London, England on January 11, 1983 with
the London Symphony Orchestra,
Kent Nagano, conducting.

Bob . . . . . Paul Zmolek
Dolly . . . . . Marilyn Henkus
Olivia . . . . . Ellen Sevy
Flash . . . . . Kristine Halverson
Tennis Instructor . . . . . Ron Taylor
Doctor . . . . . Tom Hillyard
Shoe Shine Boy . . . . . Jerry Vallaire
Bartender . . . . . Marty Douglas, Aida Pisciotta
Jane . . . . . Marty Douglas, Aida Pisciotta,
Scott Smitherhum, Ron Taylor,
Katie Duncan Tetzlaff
Bob's Body . . . . . Scott Smitherum,
Katie Duncan Tetzlaff

Scene I
Bob's clothes.

Scene II
What Bob's body is really like.

Scene III
Bob gets drunk.

Scene IV
Bob meets Jane.

Scene V
Jane's clothes.

Scene VI
What Jane's body is really like.

Choreography for
by Tandy Beal

15 Minutes

The Bartender from
Bob in Dacron/Sad Jane
Designs by John C. Gilkerson



U.S. premiere at Zellerbach Auditorium,
Berkeley, California on June 15, 1984.

World premiere (music only) at The Barbican,
London, England on January 11, 1983 with
the London Symphony Orchestra,
Kent Nagano, conducting.

Mo . . . . . Robert Walker
Herb . . . . . Paul Zmolek
Musician . . . . . Aida Pisciotta, Ron Taylor,
Katie Duncan Tetzlaff
Gossamer Twins . . . . . Kristine Halverson, Jerry Vallaire
Gilgamesh Brothers . . . . . Marty Douglas, Scott Smitherum
Decamorph . . . . . Marilyn Henkus, Tom Hillyard,
Aida Pisciotta, Ellen Sevy
Mo 'n Herb's Wives . . . . . Marty Douglas, Marilyn Henkus,
Kristine Halverson, Tom Hillyard,
Aida Pisciotta, Ellen Sevy,
Scott Smitherum, Ron Taylor,
Katie Duncan Tetzaff, Jerry Vallaire
Beauticians . . . . . Ellen Sevy, Katie Duncan Tetzlaff
Spaniard/Minotaur . . . . . Kristine Halverson, Tom Hillyard,
Scott Smitherum, Jerry Vallaire

1st Movement
An athletic dance.

2nd Movement
An assortment of perverse
subconscious desires.

3rd Movement

Choreography for
by Joan Lazarus.

15 Minutes

Gossamer Twin
A Gossamer Twin from
Mo 'n Herb's Vacation



World premiere at Zellerbach Auditorium,
Berkeley, California on June 15, 1984.

Jake . . . . . Robert Walker
Catering Man . . . . . Ron Taylor,
Katie Duncan Tetzlaff
Secretary . . . . . Ron Taylor
Chiropodist . . . . . Robert Walker
M. Jackson . . . . . Paul Zmolek

Artists of the Company
Illegal Aliens
Society's Professionals
Beautiful People
The Chic Set
Inanimate Objects

The Chic Set
The Chic Set from Sinister Footwear

Part 1
Jake who designs it.

Part 2
Somewhere in New Jersey
where they make them.

Part 3
Illegal aliens on a lunch break.

Part 4
At the catering truck.

Part 5
Jake eats a molded jello salad.

Part 6
Jake's secretary.

Part 7
Illegal aliens work slower
in the afternoon.

Part 8
Jake's secretary
reads her magazine.

Part 9
Illegal aliens want to go home.

Part 10
Jake's secretary
eats cottage cheese.

Part 11
Ugly shoes on the assembly line.

Part 12
What you think you look like
when you're wearing them.

Part 13
Sometimes they make you
walk funny.

Part 14
Other people pretend not to notice.

Part 15
Sometimes you have to take
them off for a minute.

Part 16
Then you put them back on
because you think they look
so good on you.

Part 17
Children can also have ugly shoes.

Part 18
The foot doctor says you might
need an operation.

Part 19
But you're going to
wear them anyway.

Part 20
Everybody has a pair somewhere.

Part 21
A place you can go when
you've got them on.

Choreography for
by Tandy Beal.

—A Few Minutes Pause—



U.S. premiere at Zellerbach Auditorium,
Berkeley, California on June 15, 1984.

World premiere (music only) at The Barbican,
London, England on January 11, 1983 with the
London Symphony Orchestra, Kent Nagano, conducting.

So You Thought it Was Over . . .

The Entire Company

Choreographed staging for PEDRO'S DOWRY
by Joan Lazarus and John C. Gilkerson




Ronald Erickson,
Hal Lepoff,
  Principal 2nd.

Julie Athayde
Claudia Bond
Cindy Carlin
Gerry Carlsen
Dale Chao
Gretchen Deffner
Richard Diamond
Thea Farhadian
Valerie Fenster
Karen Forsythe
Tom Foor
Christine Freves
Rose Ginsberg
Margaret Hall
Kevin Harper
Eddie Hattyar
Josie Kelly
Laurel Machado
Jean MacRobbie
Gus Oberstein
Diane Otsuki
Alice Post
Rebecca Rose
Lorraine Thomas
Sue Draheim-Treuhaft
Elizabeth Westerlund

Helen McDermott,
Darien Cande
Jane Grimaldi
James Hurley
Megan Josephs
Peter Liepman
Ted Seitz
Marta Tobey

Carol Rice,
Gael Alcock
Mu'frida Bell
Brian Frumkin
Johnathan Golove
Ken Johnson
Mike Knapp
Phyliss Luckman
Linda Offum

Pat McCarthy,
Bob Aragon
Michelle Burr
Karen Horner
Peter Lane

Janet Maestre,
Michelle Caimotto
Stacia Cronin
Robert Gray
Mary Ellen Hutchison
Nan Washburn
Diane Winsor

Herb Lashner,
Bennie Cottone
Tom Nugent
Paul Schiavo

Diane Dorman,
Sue Amon
Art Austin
Doug Fejes
Carolyn Harpster
John Phillips
Tony Striplen

Judy Lichtman,
James Blakely
Larry Gardner
Neil MacDonald
Larry Rhodes

Stuart Gronninger,
Keith Green
Dennis Gribbin
Keith McDaniel
David Parker
Richard Reynolds
Paul Stevens
Loren Tayerle

David Sutherland,
Mike Hillman
Catherine Murtagh
Steve Saxon

Dan Freed,
Jerry Olsen
Kurt Patzner
James Pierce
Barbara Sigler

Bob Sherwin

Carol Coe

Doug Hensley

Ward Spangler,
Ray Froehlich
Greg Linde
Kevin Neuhoff
Norman Peck
Kent Reed
Pete Theilen
William Winant

Mary Chun

David Berryessa
Shunsuke Kurakata


SPECIAL THANKS TO: The Northbrae Community Church for the use of its facilities; Don Ramon's Restaurant in San Francisco for graciously donating the use of rehearsal space and for the pork burrito that Frank enjoyed so much; Mills College, Oakland for the use of rehearsal space; Mark Millan, Ron Hagen and the staff of The Hagen Group for their generous cooperation in the printing of our souvenir program; Ruth and Perry Shokat of Albany Press, Emeryville for their generous contribution of printing; Hans Veeder and Jack King of K/P Graphics, Oakland Division; Lox, Stock, and Bagel, Oakland; Betty Waldron, Thaddeus Kusmierski and Marketing Consultant Roger Blewett for their enthusiastic help and support; Musicians Union Local No. 6; Eric Rowlands for the generous donation of his Fender Rhodes for rehearsal purposes; Sasha Matson for the generous donation of her Fender Rhodes for the performance; and Frank Zappa for his gracious, untiring cooperation during this entire project.

FRANK ZAPPA ETCHING: Zoray Andrus has completed a limited edition of 40 etchings of Frank Zappa. The cost for each etching is $50. Please call (415) 527-3436 for information.

FRANK ZAPPA MUSIC and PROMOTIONS: For information on how to receive the "latest" Zappa recordings, t-shirts, etc., please call: 818-PUMPKIN.



The Board of Directors of Berkeley Symphony Orchestra is pleased to announce the appointment of Kelly Johnson as the Symphony's new Executive Director. Mr. Johnson brings to BSO a wealth of experience in the performing arts as a performer, Creative Director, Manager, Fundraiser and Consultant. We welcome him to his new post.


A ZAPPA AFFAIR (Program Insert)

Mo 'n Herb's Vacation
Clarinet Solo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . David Ocker

The Berkeley Symphony would like to express its deep appreciation to Nicole Magnusson and the staff of ASUC SUPERB Productions for their sponsorship of the concerts at Zellerbach Auditorium U.C. Berkeley. The partnership between this organization and the Berkeley Syrnphony has been long-standing and valuable to the Symphony's desire to expand on its exposure in the community.

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ZAPPA is on the road again!
Friday, July 27, 1984 at 8:00 p.m.
The Greek Theatre, U.C. Berkeley
Tickets: $13.50 & $15.50. CHARGE: 642-9988
Presented by CAL Performances in association
with Bill Graham Presents.

'A Zappa Affair' Orchestra
(Program lnsert—Additions)

Tregar Otton

Ida Bodin

Mark Shannon

Virginia Mayhew
Sapphron Obois
Kathleen Ortiz
PauI Perazzo
Nick Phelps
Kevin Robb
Michael Wirgler

A very special 'Thank You' to Mr. Peter Botto, Paramount Theatre Manager, for his assistance with the orchestra pit technical set-up. 'Thank You' to Richard Watson and the staff of the ASUC Box Office, and Phil Heron and the Zellerbach Auditorium crew and staff.