Atlantic City Pop Festival

August 3, 1969
Atlantic City Race Track, Atlantic City, NJ
Two audience silent 8 mm. film sources: 4 min. & 10 min.

Source #1

Atlantic City Atlantic City

Brian Lagerman

1st gen—MOI footage 1 min—remaining time consists of crowd footage, Tim Buckley, and Mama Cass.

Source #2

Atlantic City 1969 Atlantic City 1969

fenderpenguin1 (YouTube, June 16, 2010)

I wish there was sound & better video quality, but I was 16 yr old & used my dad's kodak 3 turret 8mm brownie movie camera which was a windup model.

The Mothers Of Invention

Mothers seen on stage:

The Festival

Charles Ulrich

The Atlantic City Pop Festival ran three days, August 1-3, 1969. The Mothers performed on August 3. On August 2, they performed at the Schaefer Music Festival in New York City.

(in response to the claim that the Mother performed this festival on the 2nd): Nothing on the ACPF ticket stub for August 2 indicates what bands will be playing.


I have been thinking about the Atlantic City Pop Festival. Was this the largest audience that FZ played in front of? In the USA? In the 1960's?

Do you know how many attended Miami?

I am the person who put this video tape in circulation and I can get the name of the cameraman from my files. Way back in my early days of my collecting I started trading by contacting people who placed various ads in The Society Pages. One guy I began trading with, indicated he had this film. He mailed me his orginal VHS tape he had professionally (? Why did they leave they mic open during the transfer ?) transfered from his 8mm film.

Miles Davis is visible in the between-act-backstage-footage as well a Mama Cass. The guy who gave me his tape indicated that original film also shows a snipett of the Tim Buckley on stage.

In my Googling around for peripheral materials to supply you with I found this:

1969—The Atlantic City Pop Festival opened for three days of music that included Jefferson Airplane, CCR, Little Richard and Joe Cocker.

08/01/1969 110,000 attend Atlantic City Pop Festival

On this day in 1969, the 3-day Atlantic City Pop Festival opened in New Jersey. Over 110,00 came out to hear Iron Butterfly, C.C.R., Jefferson Airplane, Little Richard, Janis Joplin, Santana and Joe Cocker perform.

1969—The three day Atlantic City Pop Festival took place with BB King, Janis Joplin, Santana, Joni Mitchell, Three Dog Night, Dr. John, Procol Harum, Arthur Brown, Little Richard and Canned Heat. Tickets were $13. Around 110,000 attended.

Joni toured as the opening act for her friends Crosby, Stills, & Nash, and while at the Atlantic City Pop Festival in August, she left the stage angrily due to the inattentiveness of the large crowd. She said she'd enjoyed the intimacy of the clubs and was now finding it difficult to concentrate and perform in front of huge crowds. Joni was scheduled to perform at Woodstock on Sunday of that weekend of love, but when the traffic jams were seen by all of America on TV that Friday, her manager advised her not to go. He was concerned that she might have trouble getting back to the city in time for a major TV appearance on the Dick Cavett Show that Monday. Still, she did create the definitive chronicle of the festival with her song "Woodstock," which was a hit for C, S, & N the next year.

Santana page lists Santana as August 3rd, 1969. Page includes Ticket stubs and Flyer.

Doug Sahm / Sir Douglas Quintet—I'll start at the beginning and try to be brief. I first met Doug at the Atlantic City Pop Festival in 1969 (a few weeks before Woodstock). I was a music journalist covering the festival for The Washington (DC) Star. My brother, Ron, happened to be Director of Publicity for Mercury Records (Doug's label at the time). I sat there and heard one of the best sets of my life. Doug told me afterwards that it seemed unreal on stage to him.

Lothar and the Hand People August 3, 1969, Atlantic City Pop Festival, New Jersey (Janis Joplin on top of bill)

there you have more than you care to know.

Additional informant: Javier Marcote (YouTube alert).

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