Wipe Out

(Bob Berryhill/Pat Connolly/Jim Fuller/Ron Wilson)

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1968: This song is briefly quoted at the chaotic end of the February Denver "King Kong", which is captured and can be heard on the "Electric Aunt Jemima" boot from Beat the Boots Volume II.

A partial list of FZ's performances/quotations of "Wipe Out" compiled by Charles Ulrich

68/05/03 Denver
68/08/03 New York
68/69 Los Angeles (as heard on the Artisan acetate)
69/05/17 Detroit
69/05/30 Birmingham
70/12/06 (late) Amsterdam (quoted in Penis Dimension)
75/10/29 (late) Waterbury (included in Chunga's Revenge)
76/02/15 Ludwigshafen (quoted in The Torture Never Stops)
78/01/24 London (quoted in Black Page #2)
78/01/25 London (quoted in Black Page #2)
78/01/26 London (quoted in Black Page #2, as heard on Hammersmith Odeon)
78/01/27 London (quoted during audience participation)
78/01/29 Frankfurt (quoted in Black Page #2)
1980-1988 all performances of Joe's Garage

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