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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1972: They said it would never happen. They insisted for years that it never did. They drooled over "Zappa's Universe" because it contained a live performance of this long-ignored classic. And now, do they feel like fools, or are they dancing in the streets over this joyous discovery? Yes, boys and girls, the Petite Wazoo did it. At least once, on 10/31, they performed "Waka/Jawaka". And here, with a description six long months after we first discovered this treat, is Mr. Sean Gaffney-> "The head is very horn heavy, and sounds incredibly cool. The piece is played with a lot of energy, as if the musicians sensed this might be a rare piece. We then get a short FZ fill, before we're off to the first of the two solos. This is on trumpet, I believe, and is just gorgeous. About 4 minutes long, and Barone gets to use a variety of styles. After a short bit of musical randomness, FZ gets to solo, and again takes a fairly lengthy one, about 3 minutes, with the first minute or so being very low, smooth notes. After that, we get a return to the head, FZ plays a few more tasty licks, and the song ends. 11 minutes or so of coolness." And yes, that's about it. Now, everyone pray (find your god now) that Gail sees fit to include this on the "will it really happen?" Petite Wazoo release.

Waka/Jawaka vs. Quaudiophiliac:

Thanks to Tan Mitsugu, Patrick Buzby and Charles Ulrich.

Waka/Jawaka (1972) Quaudiophiliac (2004) Themes Passaic, October 31, 1972
00:00-00:52 00:02-00:54 theme 1 00:00-01:04 (theme 1)
00:52-01:41 00:54-01:43 trumpet solo 01:04-08:59 (solos)
01:41-02:38 01:43-02:40 Minimoog solo
02:38-04:44 03:05-05:10
04:44-05:28 05:10-05:55 guitar solo (including theme 2)
05:28-05:48 06:08-06:27
05:48-06:32 07:05-07:50
06:32-06:44 (horn overdubs/theme 2) 07:50-08:02 (theme 2)
06:44-07:10 (horn overdubs) 08:02-08:27
07:10-07:22 (horn overdubs) 08:59-09:11
07:22-08:04 09:24-10:06 drum solo
08:04-08:17 (horn overdubs) 10:19-12:37 (alternative guitar solo)  
08:17-09:07 (horn overdubs) theme 1 08:59-10:04 (theme 1)
09:07-09:19 (horn overdubs) theme 2  
09:19-09:45 theme 3  
09:45-10:22 theme 2  
  12:37-13:02 (alternative guitar solo)    
10:22-10:35   theme 2  
10:35-11:15   theme 1  
      10:04-11:05 (coda)




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