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Jon Naurin

This song was only played once, on 3/13/76 and it was probably written during soundcheck or something. It often sounds as if FZ doesn't know what to sing, and Roy's falsetto screaming drowns the lyrics some times. One of the few occasions where we here FZ sing while playing the guitar—which is about the most interesting thing about this song...

Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1976: SHE'S A LADY- This appears on setlists after "Chunga's Revenge" on the 3/13 Lugano show- one of the last dates of the tour. I have not heard it, and suspect that it is not a full blown tune, but simply some random improvised madness. Anyone know? [Yes, Jon Naurin knows- "This is actually a brand new song, which sounds like it had been written during soundcheck or something. In the middle of Roy's gas mask extravaganzas, FZ starts playing the simplest of doo-wop vamps (I-vi-IV-V or however you choose to write it). The songs turns out to be about Ms. Pinky, a very simple melody with Roy providing some typical falsetto screaming. If I get time, I'll try to type down the words, though they're not too amusing. BTW, I'm going to change the title into something more fitting, namely "Song for Pinky", and you can do so too if you like.] Thanks, but I like this title.

The lyrics

I met Pinky, I fell in love.
Thought she was an angel from heaven up above.

I'm telling you Pinky, you are the one
For me
Hey, heeeeey, heeeeey, hey, heeeeeh (!)

She has a motor, she...(Roy: She's so wonderful)
Thought she was an angel from heaven up above.

I'm telling you Pinky, no other girl will know...

Her lips are so tender, her eyes so revealing
How she can suck...
I love only you, you want to be cruel (??)
Maybe later on when you grow a body,
you and me can fuck.

I'm telling you Pinky, I'm telling you Pinky...

Original lyric transcription: Jon Naurin


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