Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously?

FZ album(s) in which song has appeared

Tour(s) on which song is known to have been performed (main source: FZShows, v. 7.1)


Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

OCT-DEC 80: Essentially played as on YCDTOSA Volume V, accounting for obvious differences in instrumentation (which in Ike's case, is a definite plus in the vocal department). Being its first tour out, this song seems to be lacking a certain oomph! this time round, though the singing is still impressive.

1982: Essentially performed as on YCDTOSA Volume V. This song is based upon a true story (like most FZ songs), which, on 5/21, Frank relates to the audience. In a nutshell, the song tells the story of Fritz Rau, a German concert promoter who got very upset one night after a show because the roadies got to eat asparagus. Yes, asparagus. Another opportunity for Ray to strut his vocal stuff.



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