Khaki Sack

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Structure & different versions
  BTB II: Electric Aunt Jemima (1992) 1968 Funky Nothingness (2023) 1970
  2. Whät 1.10. Khaki Sack
main theme   0:02-0:38
main theme   0:38-1:14
solos (main theme chords) 0:00-2:50 (fade in) 1:14-7:20
main theme 2:50-3:25 7:20-7:49 (no head)
main theme (1st part) 3:25-3:42 7:49-8:08 (fade out)
ending 3:42-3:53  

[Am (x8) - C (x2) - Am (x4) - F#m (x4) - Bm (x3) - Em (x1)]

Patrick Neve,, December 24, 2000

You know that song "what" from the Beat The Boots "Electric Aunt Jemima"? I was listening again and that's really kind of a rocking number that I don't recognize from anywhere else. Sounds like maybe a bastardization/mothersization of some classic blues riff, or maybe it's some mis-named original, but I just don't know it. Do you? What the heck is it?

Raymond D Ricker,, December 24, 2000

I Believe there are a couple of "mis-named" tunes from this boot—the obvious one is the Bobby Timmons tune "This Here" which was a "standard" played by Cannonball Adderly—The MOI do a great job with this number—speaking of Cannonball Adderly—has anyone carefully listened to the intro of "Autumn Leaves" and see the similarities to the intro of "Chunga's Revenge".

Román García,, December 11, 2001

I have heard the Cannonball Adderley song once again and I don't think they are the same tune. As far as I can tell, they have different chords and time signatures. So, what is "Whät"?

Greg Russo, Cosmik Debris: The Collected History And Improvisations Of Frank Zappa (The Son Of Revised), 2003, p. 282

03/10/70 (12-3PM & 3:30-6:30PM) The Record Plant, Hollywood, CA—Khaki Sack; Bass And Drum Song
MUSICIANS: FZ, Ian R. Underwood, Max R. Bennett

Setlist of Zappa At The Baked Potato, August 14, 2019

Khaki Sack

drdork, "Zappa At The Whisky! 2019-08-17—West Hollywood, California On DIME," Zappateers, August 24, 2019

FZ recorded [Khaki Sack] on March 10, 1970, with Ian Underwood and Max Bennett (and Aynsley Dunbar, presumably). [...] Most of us have heard it before. It's on Electric Aunt Jemima (Beat The Boots) as "w̃hät?". Performed by the MOI in Denver, May 3, 1968.



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