I'm Not Satisfied

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Foggy G, "The Songs That Were Played," We're Only In It For The Touring

1972: How did this song sneak into the repertoire? Amidst the jazz and blues trappings of the majority of the material, this short, vocal oriented ditty about longing and love (or lack of it) pops up, races through its due course in no time, and disappears about two minutes later. While it is essentially performed as on "Freak Out", some nice twists are added with the horn section playing the opening guitar riff, and a saxophone playing the melody line along with Frank's vocals. Unfortunately, we only get the first half of the song, with no guitar solo and the tune ending coldly after the second chorus. Nevertheless, a nice treat.

1974 (May): Essentially performed as on "Unmitigated Audacity" from Beat the Boots Volume I, with Brock on vocals. Compared to the "Freak Out" version, these are vocal only performances, with no guitar solo.

1974 (Jul-Dec): Quite a treat. Rather short, quick run-through of this song, but very enjoyable nonetheless. Essentially played as on "Freak Out", accounting for the obvious differences in instrumentation. The only real difference between the two versions is the opening segment. The guitar riff in the '74 version is a lot more pronounced and frantic than the studio version, and personally reminds me of the intro to "Dead Girls of London".

1975: Apart from Brock's occasional unnecessary screams, this is a pretty good version of this tune. Frank plays the opening riff on guitar, the band joins in, tears through the song, and then we're on to the next tune. Short and to the point.

1975-76: Essentially performed as on "Freak Out", allowing for obvious differences in instrumentation. Frank does not solo this time round, in what may possibly be the worst version of this song ever. The arrangement is cluttered, Brock screams uncontrollably throughout, and none of the energy of the original is anywhere near present.


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