Tommy Flanders "Friday Night City" / "Reputation"

(7" single, Verve Forecast KF5064, 1967)

  1. Friday Night City (Tommy Flanders)
  2. Reputation (Tim Hardin)

T.T.G. Studios, LA
April 1, 1966

Produced by Tom Wilson
Production supervisor: Jerry Schoenbaum
Arranged and conducted by FZ (uncredited)

Armand Kaproff—cello
Harold Schneier—cello
Gerald Wiggins—piano
James Gordon—drums
Lou Morell—guitar
David Wells—trumpet, trombone
Johnny Rotella—c. bass flute, sax


Tommy Flanders Tommy Flanders

Notes & Comments

Greg Russo, Cosmik Debris: The Collected History And Improvisations Of Frank Zappa (The Son Of Revised), 2003, p. 275

04/01/66 (9PM-12:30AM) T.T.G. Studios, Hollywood, CA—Motown (Friday Night City); Reputation
MUSICIANS: FZ (leader and arranger), Henry Roth (OM), Armond Kaproff (cello), Harold Schneier (cello), Gerald Wiggins (piano), James Gordon (drums), Lou Morell (guitar), David Wells (trumpet, trombone), Johnny Rotella (c. bass flute, sax), Robert Hartley (copyist)

Bjørn Olav Herheim, ZappaFrenzy

Frank Zappa plays guitar on both sides. The bassline on "Reputation" is similar to the one found on "Lumpy Gravy Part Two" starting at around 07:40.

Patrick Buzby, Zappateers, April 9, 2012

"Friday Night City" was included on a 2-CD Blues Project anthology released by Verve in the 90's (Allmusic info page).

Charles Ulrich, January 24, 2015

Reputation is by Tim Hardin. You can hear his own version (without the King Kong bass line) at <>.

Informant: Charles Ulrich

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