The Hot Rats Sessions


Craig Parker Adams, interviewed by Tony Bacon, Sound On Sound, August 2020

"We did get rid of all the later overdubs—and one obvious way to do that is by listening for the bleed," he says. "So, you hear the piano playing, and you can hear the drums in the background. Well, now we have this other piano, and there's no bleed, so that's an overdub. Or here's violin, say, and no bleed. If there's bleed, we know it's original. With Hot Rats Sessions, we really wanted the listener to feel they were a part of those original sessions from the ground up. 'You're there, right at the birth of it all. And I just let the music lead my mix.'"


Zappa Trust vs. Zappa Family Trust

Back cover

All Compositions by Frank Zappa and Copyrighted and Controlled Worldwide by the Zappa Trust & Munchkin Music. [...] Zappa, Frank Zappa, FZ, and [mustache] are Zappa Trust registerd Marks. [,,,]


disc 1

1. Piano Music (Section 1)


2. Piano Music (Section 3)


3. Peaches En Regalia (Prototype)


4. Peaches En Regalia (Section 1, In Session)


5. Peaches En Regalia (Section 1, Master Take)


6. Peaches Jam—Part 1


7. Peaches Jam—Part 2


8. Peaches En Regalia (Section 3, In Session)


9. Peaches En Regalia (Section 3, Master Take)


10. Arabesque (In Session)


11. Arabesque (Master Take)


12. Dame Margret's Son To Be A Bride (In Session)

This is "Dame Margret's [...] Son To Be A Bride."

Bailey Brown, September 12, 2021

The title refers to Dawn Pepita Langley Hall Simmons, adopted transgender daughter of English Actress "Dame" Margaret Taylor Rutherford. She was married to John-Paul Simmons in January of 1969, the first legal interracial wedding in South Carolina. My hypothesis is that FZ stole this title near verbatim from a headline in a British tabloid.

Idiot, "The Hot Rats Sessions Box Set," Zappateers, December 13, 2019

This is probably more interesting than the track!

The Edmonton Journal, November 21, 1968


disc 2

1. It Must Be A Camel (Part 1, In Session)


2. It Must Be A Camel (Part 1, Master Take)


3. It Must Be A Camel (Intercut, In Session)


4. It Must Be A Camel (Intercut, Master Take)


5. Natasha (In Session)


6. Natasha (Master Take)


7. Bognor Regis (Unedited Master)

Chris Hodenfield, "Chunga's Revenge," Strange Days, September 11-25, 1970

The abridged version of ["Sharleena"], backed by a song "Bognor Regis", will be Zappa's next single, released under his name.

One person whose name will remain a secret, quoted by Geir Corneliussen,, March 4, 1999

Looking through my old boxes...I came across a record Frank gave me some years ago......a single edit of Sharleena......on the B is "Bognor Regis".

Jon Naurin,, May 16, 2002

Yep, as many people have hinted, this is Bognor Regis. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, read all (well, as much about as we know about it) on:

Jeff Dexter, Jazzwise #71, December 2003-January 2004

One summer Sunday in 1970 my best friend and house mate, the late great producer Ian "Sammy" Samwell is up early looking after Frank Zappa while he is in London. As it's a Sunday, that means, Implosion at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm which was my baby, not just as the MC/DJ, but I was responsible for putting together most of the shows. Before I set off to Chalk Farm, Sammy tells me Frank has an edited version of a tune that may be a single, hoping that he might get some airplay, but he's not so sure about it. Frank wants to know if he can hear his record that afternoon on the Roundhose PA, would I mind giving him the chance to hear it played there?

Before the masses arrived at about 3.45 in the afternoon Sammy shows up with Frank in tow. Frank hands me a 10" Artisan Sound Recorders acetate. Printed on side one, is "Sharleena" (vocal) 3:54 which has been crossed out but written in ballpoint it says 2.54, a real single edit, under three minutes. So on one of my Thorens TD124 Mk IIs it goes. Frank and Sammy wander round the house listening intently while looking at the few faces that are already inside. As the record finishes Frank comes closer to the stage, he doesn't look too convinced. I quickly flip the disk and play side two "Bognor Regis" (instrumental) 4:48. I crack up laughing at the title, it just seemed so funny, but I loved it. I then plopped on another record and put Frank's acetate back in its brown bag to hand it back. Frank holds up his hand and say, "you keep it, play it again if you want, it's the only one, let me know what you think," then he heads off round the back of the stage.

Manning Bartlett,, May 3, 1999

If said tune exists, then there are a number of reasons why Zappa would have called it Bognor Regis. Bognor Regis is a well known village for a number of reasons, mainly because it is dank, dirty, tiny and has a funny name. Most British people would know of Bognor Regis for this very reason, and I know it gets mentioned in at least one Monty Python sketch.

Its humour value comes from a number of sources. For one, 'bog' in British english is slang for a toilet. The "Regis" part means "royal", which is quite amusing, as it vaguely implies "Royal shithouse". Additionally the expression "Bog off" is equivalent to "screw you". Plus "Bognor" is just a funny word, like 'enema', 'bondage', 'dacron' and 'echidna'.

Liner notes by Joe Travers, 2019

Frank re-worked this track over the years, using it as the basics for an early version of "Conehead." In the process, he erased original source material.

Sources & Edits

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Additional informant: Hywel Davies.

8. Willie The Pimp (In Session)


9. Willie The Pimp (Unedited Master Take)


10. Willie The Pimp (Guitar OD 1)


11. Willie The Pimp (Guitar OD 2)


disc 3

1. Transition (Section 1, In Session)


2. Transition (Section 1, Master Take)


3. Transition (Section 2, Intercut, In Session)


4. Transition (Section 2, Intercut, Master Take)


5. Transition (Section 3, Intercut, In Session)


6. Transition (Section 3, Intercut, Master Take)


7. Lil' Clanton Shuffle (Unedited Master)


8. Directly From My Heart To You (Unedited Master)


9. Another Waltz (Unedited Master)


disc 4

1. Dame Margret's Son To Be A Bride (Remake)


2. Son Of Mr. Green Genes (Take 1)


3. Son Of Mr. Green Genes (Master Take)


4. Big Legs (Unedited Master Take)


5. It Must Be A Camel (Percussion Tracks)


6. Arabesque (Guitar OD Mix)


7. Transition (Full Version)


8. Piano Music (Section 3, OD Version)


disc 5

1. Peaches En Regalia


2. Willie The Pimp


3. Son Of Mr. Green Genes


4. Little Umbrellas


5. The Gumbo Variations


6. It Must Be A Camel


7. The Origin Of Hot Rats

There is a recording that I picked up in Europe that had—I think it was "The Shadow Of Your Smile," with Archie Shepp playing on it. And he played this solo—it just sounded to me immediately like there was this fucking army of preheated rats screaming out of his saxophone.

drdork, "ZappaCast—Your Questions For The Vaultmeister: The Hot Rats Sessions," Zappateers, December 17, 2019

Here it is.


8. Hot Rats Vintage Promotion Ad #1

Charles Olver, June 19, 2021

The announcer on the "Hot Rats Vintage Promotion Ads" (spread throughout Discs 5 & 6 of the set) is David Ossman, best known as one quarter of the visionary comedy troupe The Firesign Theatre. I don't know if he or Frank wrote the spots; I wouldn't be surprised either way.

"Ossman (& Austin) Promo Discography," Firezine #2





9. Peaches En Regalia (1969 Mono Single Master)


10. Hot Rats Vintage Promotion Ad #2


11. Little Umbrellas (1969 Mono Single Master)


12. Lil' Clanton Shuffle (1972 Whitney Studios Mix)


disc 6

1. Little Umbrellas (Cucamonga Version)


2. Little Umbrellas (1969 Mix Outtake)


3. It Must Be A Camel (1969 Mix Outtake)


4. Son Of Mr. Green Genes (1969 Mix Outtake)


5. More Of The Story Of Willie The Pimp


6. Willie The Pimp (Vocal Tracks)


7. Willie The Pimp (1969 Quick Mix)


8. Dame Margret's Son To Be A Bride (1969 Quick Mix)


9. Hot Rats Vintage Promotion Ad #3

BengoFury, "1969—The Mothers Of Invention—'The Artisan Acetate' 38:16 (RJ-BengoFury)," February 25, 1969

6. Passacaglia
Acetate label name: "Passalaglia"
Acetate label attribution: "Phil Wenz" ["Phil. Arena"]

Official releases—Unreleased—but material from this track can be heard as the background to the FZ radio promo 1969 Hot Rats LP spot 2 ("Frank Zappa took a heavy trip recently . . ."). This performance contains themes from King Kong.
• Source—Probably from the same concert as Tracks 4 ["Kung Fu"] and 5 ["Igor's Boogie"]—the venue acoustics are a dead match.

[...] This track is almost certainly an edited continuation of 2 March 1969, Philadelphia Arena.

Sources & Edits

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0:00-0-52 1:58-2:49

Additional informant: Rodrigo Espiñeira.

10. Bognor Regis (1970 Record Plant Mix)


11. Peaches En Regalia (1969 Rhythm Track Mix)


12. Son Of Mr. Green Genes (1969 Rhythm Track Mix)


13. Little Umbrellas (1969 Rhythm Track Mix)


14. Arabesque (Guitar Tracks)


15. Hot Rats Vintage Promotion Ad #4



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